Day one



I leave the train and head towards the parking lot for my transportation to Pop Century resort.As previously down, I have Sunray picking me up and dropping me off.Amtrak had us running late, so Sunray thought they had extra time to pick me up and drive me to the Pop. They should up about 5 minutes after I arrived.I did get a little nervous, but sighed a relief when I recognized the large black suv they use.


On the way to the hotel, my parents called me.They were on the plane, but the plane had problems and they were going to be delayed.Not sure how long of a delay.I knew I would get there first, but now it seems I would be eating lunch on property without them.This was a little embarrassing, since they will be using Magical Express which is free and takes customers away from Sunray.While I have used Sunray once a year since 2005, and twice this year, they know me by face, but I can never remember if I have Roger or Bob driving me.


I arrived at Pop Century, found the online check in line.They use a symbol, not the name, but I figure it out and wait for there is just a couple in front of me. I get my info packet and was told that my room was ready.I always stayed in the 70ís previously, but this time I am in the 50ís.Itís about 11 am and I am in my room.As usual I am on the first floor, just a couple of steps away from the 50ís pool.I shave and shower in my room, after unpacking a little. I am still concerned about my parents flight delay in New York.They are still on the ground waiting for takeoff.


After dropping my things off in my room, I head to the Pop gift shop to purchase two things, a neck strap for my new toy camcorder and replacement blank tapes.


Well, blank mini-DV tapes cost me $16 for a package of 2, while the ones I bought at B&H Video in Manhattan cost me $2.50 each.Do the math J


11:25 am, I am heading towards Animal Kingdom to have lunch at Flame Tree BBQ.A semi tradition for me now.


12:30 I Had my usual there ribs which now comes cole slaw and baked beans. Heading back to pop and wait for parents to arrive.


This makes me laugh whenever I think about it JI am on the deluxe dining plan.That plan includes the resort refillable mug.So I decide to get my mug and have something to drink while waiting for my parents to arrive.I had first argument over dining plan. The cashier said no, the deluxe plan doesnít include the resort mug, I said yes, I know it does. Well, we went back and forth a couple of times till she asked for help. She was corrected that not only does the deluxe plan include the resort mug, the quick service plan does too.CM zero, me one J


My parents finally arrive just a couple of hours late.Their room wasnít ready yet, so they got comfortable in mine.We have adjoining rooms, with a common interior door. My father picked up his ECV at luggage services and we headed to Disney Hollwood Studios to have diner at Hollywood and Vine.Itís a little past 5 pm.


Little back story at this point.


When I made my adr's 3 months ago, I was not a happy camper because I called at 7 am the first day I am able to and was told there is nothing available.  So I wrote Disney an email complaining.


A couple of weeks after, I got a call from Disney saying they are reserving a seat for me.  So I went to guest services today and told them my story.  After about 10 minutes of waiting, I was told to enter the usual entrance with everyone else, but go to the right, and my name is on a list.  I thought I would be sitting in the right side reserved Fantasmic dinner package area.


Interesting side note, for those who had the Fantasmic pass, they were told, they no longer enter with everyone else, that even if the main gate is closed, they enter right before B&B theater, and they would be allowed in anytime before the show.  This seems to be something new.


So we headed to Hollywood and Vine to eat.While waiting to be seated, it rained briefly a couple of times.


.After we finished eating at Hollywood and Vine and headed over to Great Movie Ride.The line was backed up out the door which made me nervous.But we were told that the line is moving fast and since I was in a wheel chair party, as soon as we entered the theater, we would be separated from other guests and enter the loading area.Its 6:30 pm


After GMR, We headed towards the Fantasmic Theater.


From the first CM I encountered when we left Sunset Boulevard to head towards the theater, with ever CM I metdown the path, I repeated my story, maybe 5 or more times.  It seems I was not headed towards the Fantasmic diner package reserved area, but the VIP area.  Sure enough, my name was on their list for the night. :)


I am still wearing my I love (Mickey shaped heard) NY t-shirt, and lots of people are asking me where I got it.


9:20, show is over. Heading back to Pop Century, day one is over and time to really sleep for the first time since the previous night.Crowds as usually is just as bad especially for my father trying to maneuver his ECV in the crowds since everyone keeps getting in front of him.