Day two




7:30 am, heading to Pop Century food court for breakfast.


8:40, heading to Animal Kingdom


9:50, did its tough to be a bug, now heading towards to Finding Nemo, the musical


11:30, Kilimanjaro Safari


After Safari, had lunch at Yak n Yeti, I had the fried dumplings ( called pot stickers) ribs, and cheese wontons with ice cream for dessert. We then headed back to pop to rest.  Its 2 pm


At 5 pm, we are heading towards to Animal Kingdom Lodge for  a 6 pm adr at Boma.  First time trying it. I know its going to be hard to figure this out,


Going from Pop to AKL.  I had 6 pm adr's at Boma.  My plan was to leave Pop at 5, take bus to AK, then either switch buses, or hopefully same bus would do us a favor and take us to AKL.  They have done it before for others.


Only problem, AK closed at 5 today.  So while waiting at a empty bus stop, I asked a MK bus driver, are the buses still running to AK, was told yes.


That bus left, another came right after him to take people from Pop to MK.  She noticed us standing there, came over, and said no buses were running anymore.  I told her the other bus driver just told us they were, she said, he must have just started.  That I could take her bus to MK, but her bus is furthest from AKL, and I was better off taking DTD bus, which just pulled in.  She left, walked over to DTD bus, told him what I wanted to do, he said the AK buses were running, and here comes one now :)


Another couple had a adr for RFC, so they wanted to go to AK too.  AK bus driver helped load my dad's ecv, and said dont worry, he will take us to jamba house.


My parents like Yak N Yeti, till we ate at Boma, they loved Boma.  They hated YnY becaise they were still full from that meal, and couldnt do more then just pick at all the items they wanted to have.They looked at the menu, and saw one item after another that they simply loved.  One item was something my fathers mother used to make for him, he hadnt had in decades.


When I made all the adr’ I indicated on them that this was my parents 53 wedding anniversary. So far we ate at Hollywood and Vine where the chef came by and wished my parents happy wedding anniversary and today at Boma, the waitress made a special desert for them which consisted of a apricot, chocolate, pistachio cookie and a piece of candy apple. It means something, not sure :)


Boma is not for the picky eater, unless they want to eat from the kids section.  Ever hear of Peanut butter rice?? I never did, and didnt try it :)  They also had a mixture of sweet and white potatoes.


Finally had a zebra dome, plus some other desserts before trying other foods.  Also when ordering drinks, asked about that breakfast juice drink, and they brought us a glass to try.  I wasnt crazy about it, but another thing my mother enjoyed there.


After boma. We Came to magic kingdom say spectr magic. We had the wheelchair seating area right by the train station.


While waiting for Spectromagic to start, I walked over to a CM to talk about the Flag retreat ceremony He said after the parade, we could talk to City Hall about tomorrows Flag Retreat.

Went to speak to them, was told they have a different CM who roams the park daily looking for a veteran to do the ceremony, they don't take volunteers.


Ran into a technical problem here.  For helping to steady my camcorders over the years, I carry a monopod, just like a camera tripod, but only one leg.  This helps support the camera and allows me to move it to point the camera where I want it too.  Well the screw thread inside the new toy camcorder broke, and that is that.  Turns out the screw holding the thread broke, and would have to deal with it throughout the rest of the trip.


Oh, here is a example of the difficulty I had typing some messages, I posted a cry for help about my camcorder problem, I used McGyver as a person who uses everyday items to create new things, so I couldn’t type McGyver too easily, so I typed ‘mac guy ver’ :)


After Spectromagic, we walked up to the northern end of Main street to watch Wishes from there.  But we were too close and most of the fireworks were hidden behind the castle.  Oh well.  I did try and find the wheel chair area, but couldn’t find anyone to point out where it was.


After wishes, waited for crowd to thin out, them left mk. By bus stations sign, asked cm where is furthest bus stop is. He chuckled :) before he could ask, told him, going to pop :). Its almost 11 pm and we are on the bus headed back to pop century.