Day Four




7:30 am, had breakfast at pop food court, Adult breakfast platter, apple juice, chocolate milk, heading to Epcot

entered Epcot before 9 am, allowed to enter where we able to walk to Innoventions where we were stopped for the opening ceremony with the characters.

As my usual opening Epcot plan, head to soarin, get fastpass, ride soarin, go to Journey into Imagination, then back to Soarin to use fast pass. Riding Soarin now.

9:30 am, After Soarin, leaving The Land, heading to Imagination Pavilion to ride Journey into Imagination with Figment

10 am, After Journey, heading back to Land and ride Soarin using fast passes

11 am now heading to Spaceship Earth to ride that.

11:45 am, having lunch at Coral Reef, usual meal of sea and land appetizer (shrimp and steak), NY Strip steak, and for dessert, what else but a Chocolate Wave.  We are seated lowest level right by the tank.

2pm, Having a Disney Visa credit card qualifies me for a free family photo in Epcots Innoventions. Which I have taken now with my parents.  After the photo we head to the Universe of Energy aka Ellens Energy Adventure.

3:48, after Ellen, went to world showcase and saw American Adventure, We heading back to the front of the park for the bus back to the resort.  Long day for my parents and they want to rest.

on the way out of the park, stopped by Japan and canceled my diner adr there.


When we got back to pop, went to concierge, thought about a good alternate, thought of Grand Floridian Cafe, had a adr made for 7:45,


To go from resort (Pop Century) to another resort (Grand Floridian) to eat at Grand Floridian Café, you have to visit a theme park first, since you cant go directly from one resort to another.  So we took a bus to the Magic Kingdom, then the ferry to the Grand Floridian.   We get there about 7, and the place was empty, so we asked and were seated early.  I always enjoyed GFC, Its a hidden secret, in my opinion, good food, close to MK, but hardly anyone goes there :)  The same thing can be said about Kona Café, more people talk about next door ‘Ohana then Kona.  At GFC, I had Onion Soup, NY strip steak, and Chocolate Mouse cake for dessert.


After diner, we explored the resort, since it was too late to go to Magic Kingdom.  We found their food court.  They have the basic same items like they do at Pop Centurys food court, and a couple of things we have, they didn’t and vice a versa.


We walked back to the boat launch, just missed one, so we waited for another, transferred to the Pop Century Bus at Magic Kingdom, and headed back to resort.