Day six




8:30 am, breakfast at Pop Century food court. Adult Breakfast Platter, Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk.

9 am Heading to Magic Kingdom

9:30 Headed to Tomorrowland and went on Buzz Lightyear. I only scored 15500 because I had a problem with my gun. I know others say this, but its true.Will ride it again later and improve my score.

9:45 Carousel of Progress

10:20 Went on TTA, just reopened today after a recent rehab, I didnít notice any changes. Going through the Space Mountain part, I heard work being done. The lights were on, but things were boarded up so we couldnít see what was going on

10:44 Monster Inc, Laugh Floor

11 am Stitches Great Escape

11:50 Speedway

1 pm had lunch at Cosmic Rays. I had Ĺ rack of ribs with French fries.I forgot to ask for large soda, so I got a medium.Chocolate cake for dessert.I also lost my sunglasses here.It was a cheap pair, but the only ones I had.

1:30 Rode Winnie the pooh ride, darned Winnie playground because of missing what was there before, 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. When Disney removes a ride and places a new one in its place, they place something from or about the old ride in the new ride.Before it was Winnie the Pooh, it was Mr Toads Wild ride.There is supposedly a photo of Mr Toad in the ride.After trying to spot this for years, I finally do J

2:03 Tiki birds

2:30 leaving Mk, park hopping to Epcot via the Monorail.

4 pm Gran Fiesta Tour at Mexico

What comes after Mexico? Norway of course, went on Maelstrom next.

4:30 Test Track

After riding Test Track we headed out of Epcot to The Polynesian for diner at ĎOhana, which means another two monorail rides.If alone, I would have walked from Ticket Transportation Center, which is right next to the Polynesian, but parents want to wait and take the resort monorail loop.

5:30 I checking in and wait to be called to be seated at ĎOhana

When you have a meal you enjoy, you can ask and get the recipe.I have tried to make the salad dressing in the past from a recipe I got over the internet, but I wanted to get the official one from the restaurant itself, so I asked for and got the recipe for the dressing.

We had the usual food, salad with ĎOhana honey Lime dressing, dumplings, steak, turkey, pork, and lots of jumbo shrimp.I leave enough room for bread pudding dessert.

7:13, After eating, my parents head back to resort, while I head to Mickeyís Not So Scary Halloween Party at MK.This is a extra charge admission event, and my parents werenít interested in spending the extra money.This is the second time I will be going to this.

7: 30 Entering the park I have a little fun with the cm maning the gate, i say universal horror nights, right? He goes huh? Told him its halloween, so i am supposed to scare him :) he said i did :)

8:20, Headless Horseman just gently galloped down main street.Last year he galloped faster.Now waiting for Boo to You parade to start.

Watched headless Horseman and parade across from caseys. Moved up the street to end of hub for fire works.

Fifteen minutes before fire works. See sky in distance lighting up. Feeling occasional rain drops, but it doesnít rain.

10 pm rode Itís a small world, and noticed the cowboy is back.

After small world, did pooh again. Them buzz. Scored 90200.Better score then this morning.

All things whether good or not, must come to an end, so does my Sept Trip.  Tomorrow am, I pack, head to the train station at noon.  I do have another day park admission, but I wonít go.  Just not enough time to do anything.  In the future, will re-evaluate my trip plans.  Maybe go longer, not do anything for a single day or such.

At the end of the first parade, they hand out single pieces of candy.  I didnít bother do any candy stations.

After Buzz, I walked towards Pirates, but this being Halloween party, I did Haunted Mansion instead.  By the queue, on the other side of the fence, they had a ghost telling stories.  and a fog machine going.

After HM, the 10:30 parade was going through Liberty Square, caught the end of the parade there, where they handed out handfuls of candy to people, not single items.

I followed the end of the parade till we hit the bridge to the hub, where they didnít allow anyone to cross after the parade, so I headed down towards Adventureland and Crystal Palace.  I walked through the sports store all the way to the end of Mainstreet, where I caught or got stuck by the parade again.

I watched and enjoyed the grave diggers again.  Best act in the parade.  Got a couple more pieces of candy.

After exiting from under the train station heading towards the gate, they had a couple of CM;s with a tremendous thing of candy and just handing out handful after handful.  For whatever reason, I never got a trick or treat bag, so I asked for one over there, and he gave me one of several that was full to the top of candy.  Last year, I had chocolate melt and nearly ruin my camcorder, so this year I carried a gallon size Ziploc bag to place the candy in, and I was just able to close it, it was that much.  I have no idea of whatís inside.

I have one meal and two snacks left on my deluxe meal plan.  The meal will be breakfast at Pop Century tomorrow morning.

All the meals were good as usual.  But I donít know if I will do Tokyo Dining again.  It wasnt bad, just not special enough to do again.  Hollywood and Vine, unless doing the Fantasmic Dinner Package is also another one, not sure I will return.

On the other side of the spectrum, I did Boma for the first time and enjoyed myself, the only bad this is getting there. I just wish it was at or near a theme park, because I think it could easily make people forget Le Cellier.  Getting to AKL is a hassle, and requires two buses at least.

I still like the deluxe plan, and most likely will do it again in the future.  I just like real meals on vacation, not fast food.  And it is a bargain, for paying $31 or so more for the deluxe; I got meals worth over $50.  You do need to pay attention, and pick the better places if doing upgrading to the deluxe over free dining.