11:57 Flame Tree BBQ, Rib meal, diet coke, and chocolate cake

5:05 pm dinner at Hollywood and Vine



1:36 Yak n Yeti ribs, pot stickers, diet coke, and cheese wontons with vanilla ice cream

7:29 pm Boma



10:12 Crystal Palace

12:07 pm MK Churro Wagon snack soda

1:19 pm Aloha Isle Citrus Swirl snack

5:15 Spirit of Aloha diner show



7:28 am Adult breakfast, apple juice, chocolate milk at everything pop

11:45 Coral Reef

8:09 pm Grand Floridian Cafe



7:38 am Cheese Omelet, and 2 apple juices at everything pop

1:26 pm Le Cellier NY Strip Steak, Chedder Cheese cup soup, diet coke, and chocolate cake

7:54pm Tokyo Dining, Grilled NY Steak, Tampura Appetizer, Diet Coke, and Ginger Cake



8:30 Adult Breakfast, orange juice, Chocolate milk at everything pop

MK Popcorn Carts snack Diet coke

12:07 Cosmic Rays half rack ribs with French fries, diet coke, and chocolate cake

8:30 am Chocolate Cake snack

2:05 pm snack Citrus Swirl Aloha Isle

4:34 pm snack Diet Coke

6:51 Ohana