Preparation for my trip, packing that is, begins a couple of days before leaving.


I gather my electronics, charge the batteries of all my equipment, close up my luggage, and except for my laptop, everything I need is packedÖ or so I thought, but more about that later.


My electronics for Disneyworld consists of a slim line camera for the train trip, I keep on my belt.My main medium size camera I use while in the world.My Sony Mini-DV tape camcorder, and a new toy, a hi def memory card camcorder.I also carry a 12 volt 8 amp battery to help charge up my electronics.


This year I am trying a new way of sending email updates.I am using T9 word to enter words on my cell phone.You start typing the letters on the phones keypad, and as long as you are spelling the word right, the phone will figure out what you are saying.But what about words that you may find only at Disney? I will cross the bridge when I get to it.


For snacking the on the train one each for each way, honey roasted peanuts, Garlic/Onion Potato Chips.  The potato chips will be a challenge; I donít want to pop the package in my luggage. J Also a package of gallon sized zip loc bags get packed too.I use this for different things, like collecting candy at the not so scary party and my mugs.I carry my mugs in my backpack so I donít want them to leak on my electronics.


I also take Yoo-hoos, but where to pack them so they donít get punctured and start to leak over my clothes. ††At first, I place them at the bottom figuring it would keep my luggage from not being top heavy.  But what about all that weight on it?? No good, so I place it in a outside pouch of my luggage.



I take the usual medicines like aspirin, Tums (getting old here L) and Vitamin C. Also Lysol wipes, Palmolive dish wipes for the refillable mugs.I know people are going to laugh about this, but I also take Charmin JI donít like the stuff Disney gives you.Even at the deluxe resorts. I also have lots of pennies and quarters for pressed coin machines, but I usually forget to make any.I also have the M&M candy cylinders to carry them in.




I keep special t-shirts I use only for my trips to Disneyworld.  For the ride down a 'I (mickey shaped heart) NY'I have other cloths like my ĎHi, My name is Bruceí the shark t-shirt from Finding Nemo.I wear this the day I will eat at The Living Seas with Nemo and friends at the Coral Reef restaurant.Most of my t-shirts will say Coney Island.This will confuse most people, as they will never believe me that I live here, for most people only wear things from places that they visit.


For my entertainment on the train trip, I take the following DVDís 'The Critic", UFO (old TV series), a couple of seasons of The Man From Uncle, and The Simpsons too.I take a DVD player, Portable TV, GPS, and of course my laptop, which I can also play DVDís and watch TV on.