Trip Home







I woke up this am, packed up, went to the food court to use my last meal credit and 2 snack credits.  Brought it back to the room to eat.
Left my room about
10:30 to hang out in the food court.  I never used the 30 minute arcade voucher, so I went to the arcade and stopped a father before he put money into the machine, scanned my voucher, showed him he there was 30 minutes left on it, told him to have fun and left.
Sunray picked me up and drove me to the Orlando Station,  My train was early.  There were three sleeper cars, and I am in the last one again.  I had lunch on the train which is the same lunch I always have, angus cheese burger and potato chips.  The dining car is the older model, not as comfy as the one I had coming here.
The room I was in, was already used. I found a ticket stub saying this person boarded in
Miami, and left in Kissimmee.  I boarded the stop after at Orlando.  So they do multi sell the same room on the same trip.


It was setup.  I had lunch with someone who got on at Orlando too, her room wasn't ready when she boarded.  Lunch was good, but it was a older style diner car, the one I had coming to Orlando was nicer and more comfortable,  Dinner was a hassle.  They made single diners double up and sit next to strangers, and I got stuck at a table with 3 men old enough to be my father, and the one sitting next to me took up more then 50% of the bench :(  I only have one more meal there, wont let it bother me.


I guess it wasn't too clean if I found the other persons stub.  Going to Orlando, I did ask how long it takes them to turn around a sleeper car, cause the day I was coming, I knew someone leaving on a later train.  They said it takes them a day or more to turn around a sleeper car.   I don't know what to say :)


The rest of the trip was uneventful, pulled into Penn station and waited in the Acela Lounge room for parents to show up.