After getting a good nights sleep, I was up at
6 am, dressed and at the food
court at
7:30.  Had a cheddar cheese omelet with juice and was at the bus
line at
8:10, first in line for the bus.

I was at the Epcot ticket entry waiting for official park opening.  They had
a problem this morning.  The computers were down.  They took everyone's
ticket, passed it through the machine, didn't have anyone do the finger scan
and just allowed everyone in.

First stop is Soarin in the Land Pavilion.

Let me say, that when it comes to walking, I am a above average walker.  I
could say that if everyone reading this would have a walking race together
around the World Showcase Lagoon, I would be in the top 10, or maybe the 10
percent :)  I walk fast.

A couple of things to mention about Soarin.  When in the Land Pavilion, you
see the entrance for Soarin.  The sign above the entrance says the wait for
this ride is 10 minutes from this point.  Yep, takes 10 minutes to walk this
queue till you get the ride entrance.  How long is this maze?  There is a
Simpsons episode where they start off by showing they turned the wharf area
Springfield into a ritz dinning spot.  Moe, from Moe's tavern decides to
get into the action.  He has a entrance on the wharf and a maze of enclosed
passageways leading back to Moes Tavern.  Everyone know what I am talking
about?  Well, Soarin is longer :)

As soon as they let people in, walked fast to the right of Spaceship Earth,
made a right turn and headed straight up into The Land.  Went downstairs,
entered Soarin, walked the maze to the point to where you line you up to
enter Soarin.  With all my fast walking, I couldn't believe I was second in
line.  Someone walked faster then me.  Oh well.

One of the first things they tell you is to place all items like cameras
into the storage area under the seat.  I didn't bother to ask about
videotaping.  I just sat back and enjoyed it.  I sometimes felt a little
motion sickness, but looking at the edge of the screen quickly made it go

Next up is Journey into your Imagination with Figment.  This ride was so
dead, that I felt I was the first one to ride this morning, that if I went
to ride it again, I would be the second person to ride it this am.

Trying to think to rank the versions in order I liked them.  Of course the
original was the best.  The other two are tied for second place.  The second
and present version are good, but lacked the imagination of the first.

Its now
10 am and trying to decide what to do next.  Maybe Universe of

I am going to be a little bad again :)  I went to mission space
to ask where horizons was, poor cm at a refreshment stand in front of MS
opened a park map before she
realized what I asked her :)  I Then went on test track, went on the single
even though there was no wait on the regular line.. See, I am a little
scared of using the regular line.

On my last trip, I closed Test Track,
meaning I was the last person to ride that night.  I got
yelled at for walking too fast :)  My nephew who heard the announcement over
the pa, like everyone else did :)  Yelled to me to duck under the poles to
skip the maze.
  Well, that's what I though he said, actually said "don't"
duck under the poles,  :) as he saw someone else in front of him getting
yelled for ducking under.  "Will the person who is walking too fast and
ducking under the poles please stop doing these things. please walk slowly."
Yep, got in trouble for the second time.
When I got to the boarding area, they told me they should escort me from the
ride, and since the building is closed for the night, I would not ride it.
But that was then ,and this is now. :)

 This time I exited test track without
being threatened out of the ride :) now uoe awaits

while still in test track, went on something new called dreamchasers.
a six min vr tour of what not sure yet. I was last to go in, but
there was one too many, so I had to go back to entrance and wait till the
session.  Dreamchasers talk about how you build cars.

Heading to World Showcase.  I skipped
Mexico, heading to American Adventure.

AS I walked passed
Norway, I decided to do Maelstrum, a decision that I
know would cost me, but getting ahead of myself. I rode it, and sat down to
watch the movie. I just felt bad that no one seems to sit and watch the
show, but exit after the water ride.  Well, I sat down and waited, but then
got up and left before the movie started.  Heading to AA now.

I made it to American Adventure and just missed the last show by 6 minutes,
I should have skipped Maelstrom but oh well.

Now being on the Disney Dinning plan, one thing no one heard me talk about
was the snack portion of the plan.  While waiting for the next show, I had
my first Mickey bar, ever.  Like I said, with the Dinning plan, there are
things you would get that maybe normally you wouldn't, the ice cream bar was
one of them.    So on day 3, I am using my first snack option, which gives
me a couple of days to have it more then once.

Finished my Ice Cream bar and walked around taking photos inside the
pavilion of things to see while I had 10 minutes to wait till the
showing.  I asked the CM on duty about video taping it.  I got this cryptic
answer, while they do say, videotaping isn't allowed, she also added that
don't police the audience to prevent videotaping.  While they say no to
flash photography and video taping, how about non flash photography??
to ask that on my next vacation.

After AA, I went on more photo taking.  I have a
2:10 pm adr for Le Cellier.
While walking past it, the smell of roast meat is making me mighty hungry :)
But I have more then an hour to wait.

I checked in around 2 and waited a minute before being seated.  I did notice
empty tables, but maybe they get more action for dinner, as I heard many
people walking in to ask to make ressies, only to be turned away as fully

Like at 'Ohanna, Le Cellier is themed and they explain it to you.  Here they
give you three bread sticks which signify something about
Canada.  I ordered
my food paying attention to the cost as to what I was eating.

I was seated right next to the doors to the kitchen.  I sat here thinking
about a old
Colombo episode where a winery owner murders his 1/2 brother.
Near the end of the show, they have a dinner at a fancy restaurant, they
Colombo near the kitchen, only to have the episodes guest star, Donald
Pleasence, throw a fit to be seated near the kitchen :)  At least I didn't
have flash bulbs going off in my eyes here :)

Le Cellier, one word- disappointed. But it was my fault. For an entree,  I
ordered a tenderloin kabob, a very small kabob, but it was the most
expensive thing on the menu, two pieces of cube meat.  For the main entree I
had the smallest filet mignon steak I ever saw. Part of the name was petit.
should have known :) but ordered it cause of the price @ $22. Dessert was a
maple crème brulee. it was good, but cheap :)  total bill including
gratitude was 48.  Lesson here is not to order by price, but by what you
think would enjoy the most.

Leaving World Showcase, heading to Spaceship Earth, thinking of my friend
Sam (Samantha) whose this ride is her favorite. Sorry Sam, but se was a walk
on, just not popular I guess.

Its about
3 pm now, and heading to Universe of Energy   Shoot, UOE was
closed due to technical difficulties, they said to check back in an hour.
what to do now?

Decided to head back to my room and rest some.  After I make a quick detour
to The Living Seas for Rob on the travel-wdw group, wanted me to check on
its status.  It was all closed except for the Coral Reef Restaurant.

On the way out, I tried to find my friend Sam's legacy.  I had the CM's look
up her name, but they could not come up with a match.  I either had her last
name spelt wrong or it was under her married name, either way, I couldn't
find it,
oh well.  There is always my second day at Epcot to do this.

3:45 and I had my longest wait for a bus on the whole trip.  It seems a
bus between the Pop Century and Epcot runs only every 20 minutes.

I got back to my room, rested for about and hour or so, then headed to
Downtown Disney.  After reviewing my options for a counter svc meal there,
decided on Earls of Sandwich.

7pm, eating the BBQ meat which was today's special and a cupcake for

I was browsing in Once Upon a Toy about
7:20 when all the lights went off.
But just in the store.  The registers still worked though, see these are
really computers and all computers have batter back up.  10 minutes later,
power was restored.

I walked the whole length, did any pressed coins I could find, browsed and
then headed back to the hotel for the night.