I woke up this morning pondering if I really want to go to Disney Animal
Kingdom first, then go to Disney-MGM Studios.  The only rides that I would
care to do at DAK is Kali River Rapids and the safari bus ride.  I decide
that it really wasn't that important to do these things, so I am going to
studios only.

10 am and waiting to take the bus to the studios.  Got to the studios at
quarter after and made reservations for Mama Melrose for
5:30 as soon as I
entered the park.  I already ate at
Hollywood and Vine on this trip and 50's
prime time and sci fi on previous trips.  So I decided to try this place.

First place I headed to was abc commissary for last call on breakfast, for
they were going to change menus for lunch. I got a egg platter, which was
enough for two people who can split this. It comes with 2 bacon strips and 2
sausage patties, and  enough eggs for 2 too. I bought 2 juices though, 8
ounces isn't enough for me :)

10:45 now and head over to Great Movie Ride. I already saw the western
on my first day here, so I ask to make sure I see the gangster scenario.  I
asked the cm to make sure I see this room and was explained that 75% see
this, only 25% see the western, not sure why, something about how many cars
are running.  This will be the longest wait for my trip as the room where
they show you movies clips for a preshow is full.  Before I enter the next
room, I ask again to make sure I get the right room, they assign me a row,
but when I get to that row, its full and I am not the only person who tries
to board, not sure what happened, but I jump into the next free row.  Its
11:30 now and finally boarded the ride. Did I mention this was a long line?

11:50, doing the backlot tour.  The water FX show is different, the
models in the water are gone.  Last time I was here was in 2000.  But my
eyes keep looking at the space where a cutup sub from 20k leagues ride was,
for sadly its gone :(

I board the tram portion, first in line to board that row.  They make the
usually announcement about people on the right may get slightly wet, but
worry, the people on the left WILL get wet.  You board from the right side
and move all the way over to the left. I did say I boarded first, didn't I
?:)  You notice some changes due to Lights Motor Action.  The former area
beneath the Earful tower that used to be a employee parking lot, is now a
area for the stunt drivers to practice.  Other areas where you used to see
the bone yard is also gone as you see the equipment placed other locations
along the tram route.  But
Catastrophe Canyon is still here and the same.

I do the walking part of One mans dream, I get about 1/2 way through when
they announce the theater portion will start in a couple of minutes, so I
skip the rest go into the theater.

This empties out by Little Mermaid.  The next show is at 1:25, its now
so I decide to wait the 10 minutes.
Its amazing that how many times people are told to go down to the end of the
row, but they still pop down in the middle.  I sit back and enjoy as I have
this show on home video already and seeing this on home video ruins the
show, I wont go into why here :)

I finished up one mans dream, But my batteries on my digital camera died, I
put in the spare set, and those were dead also.  See, the other day when
these batteries died, I forgot to recharge them that night. I then used my
third spare set :)

My tour of Disney-MGM in search of a Mickey ice cream bar.

I went to where the car stunt show is being held. I wanted a Mickey bar,
but the first cart I went to, his handheld device wasn't working, he only
took cash. he told me
to go to another cart by Star Tours, but she didn't even have a scanner :(
She sent me to the BAH (Big A-- Hat), who had a working scanner.  While
waiting for my receipt to sign, she got asked on the radio if her scanner
was working, I guess others were complaining to cm's about the non
functioning scanners, and were calling ahead instead of making guests do the

footwork themselves.

I head toward the Lights Motor Action bleacher seats for the
2:55 show.
There is already a huge crowd waiting for the doors to open.  I am not sure
how they open this ride, but this is past the point where the CM's were
turning people away earlier, so am I waiting at a second rope drop?

We start walking around the attraction to the rear where the bleachers are.
I am out walking most, but this is my natural walk, not walking too fast for
me.  I got under the bleachers, and we stop moving again, another rope
drop??  They open up another queue area for people to line up, some walk
around the rope, others just duck under the rope.  Remember I got yelled at
Test Track for doing this? :)  I guess there are too many for any CM's to
yell at to restore order.

Final rope drop lets us climb into the bleachers.  Well maybe bleachers
doesn't do this justice, I think these stands can hold more people then
Fantasmic can, and I thought Fantasmic had the largest audience sitting area
anyplace on Disney property. I sit in the center about 3/4 the way up so I
get to see everything and my camcorders zoom lens can get close ups, but
since this is the first time I am recording this, I plan to keep the
camcorder on wide lens.

The preshow consists of asking the audience on a large screen movies that
featured major car/action scenes.  If you know your Steve McQueen, and
French Connection type movies, you will do ok.  Of course they ask you this
question, what number does Herbie wear? :)  got to throw in a Disney
question, esp since they just released another movie.

I wont go into what this show consists of, but if you like to watch the
whole show, I have it on my website now.  They do a stunt with Herbie, but
if you see something (not going to say what) on the backlot tour, this may
ruin what is going to happen.

As the show is starting, I still see more masses of people trying to get
into the stands.  Today there is only two shows, so I guess why this is so

The show is over, its
3:43 and my ressie is for 5:30, what to do? :)

ahhhh   muppetvision and blessed ac  :)

After leaving muppetvision, I still had an hour to kill. finally couldn't
take it anymore, checked in 45 min early and was seated right away. Food was
ok, but after sampling Mama Melrose, I would prefer sci fi. I had mozzarella
and tomatoes, cold dish, it was ok, just not the kind of food I like. I had
chicken parm for main entree, and a coffee ice cream fancy dessert.  I
probably would have been more happy to get onion rings and baby back ribs at
sci fi.  its 5:40 and cant decide what to do now, nothing else I want to do

Mk closes at 8, no time to go there really. Epcot closes at 9, but spent
night there. I am ready to go home, home as in Brooklyn, not hotel room. :)
I am going to window shop, take more photos,  and leave park.

Heading back to pop at 6:40 just made the bus, and ran into some Boston
fans, but already spoke about that elsewhere, wont mention it again here :)