Some amusing things happened to me at Disneyworld because I wore my NY
Yankee hat.  Let me share some with you.

Now I know some of you are going to say 'Yankees,,,, ' rhymes with puck :)
There is nothing that brings out more sports related hatred than seeing the
interlocking NY on a field of blue :)

A mild story first.  Leaving Epcot one night, I heard a CM scream at me, Go
Sox.  Humm I wonder if he meant Red or White Sox.  (I know, red sox :) ) I
turned, and just smiled :)

Years ago, back in Oct of 96, I was online for Peter Pan with my family,
when a kid walked by me and stunned everyone by saying "Yankees (rhymes with
puck)" to me :)  This is so funny, but my family and everyone around me is
stunned, I was laughing.  As the kid was walking away, I simply said
Baltimore fan'  The kid stopped walking...... hung his head... then slowly
walked away.

Now for the best true story which just happened :)

Leaving Dis-MGM late one night, I was tired and just made the bus as the
door closed.  I found a empty seat and sat down.  Then I noticed everyone
around me is smiling and looking at me.  I am tuning myself into what they
are saying. Something about I probably didn't notice before I sat down.  Now
being a native new Yorker and taking the subway several times a day, I look
to see if the seat is clean before I sit down, so I knew or I thought I knew
I didn't sit down on something.

I spoke up totally bewildered about what is going on, did I sit on
something???  They started laughing.  The person next to me, took off his
ball cap and showed me the 'B' on it.  The gentleman across the way from me
stood up and showed my the back of his t-shirt.  Now I heard about these
shirts, but never seen one till now.  It said "I support two teams, the Red
Sox and who ever beats the Yankees"   This is worst then a
Sherman traveling
Georgia :) A Yankee fan surrounded by Boston fans :)

To me, this is sooo funny :) I'm laughing :)

I told them about another t-shirt I heard about, 'there was no curse, your
teams just (rhymes with puck)' :) They laughed.

I did meet several other Yankee fans down at Disney, One was from the
Pocono's and one from
Staten Island, both wore their Yankee caps.  Another
saw my cap and asked if I knew today's score, which I did :)

Boston and probably most of New England hate the 'FIRST PLACE' NY Yankees so
much, that at a rally for the superbowl world champs NE Patriots years ago,
they started the 'Yankees (rhymes with puck)" chant :)  Sorry
.... this is just too funny to me :)