Day 6, Sept 15, 2006

Today is Disney-MGM day. As we have 5:30 pm adr's at Coral Reef, I warned
my parents, no mid day break, as we have allot to do today as this would be
our last day at this park.

I didn't bother using the alarm clock while here, which was a good thing,
since the clock is blinking, meaning there was a power failure overnight. I
wonder how many people will be late this morning.

First thing to do is the Back lot tour. Since we are a wheel chair party,
we go to the front of the tram. I entered first, since you know the
warning? People on the right side, will get slightly wet, people on the
left will get wet, so I went first. Funny thing happened when I slid all
the way over to the left, I kept going and fell into the side step. I
caught myself, but slightly hurt my wrist and shoulder. I think I made the
driver and my mother, in that order, more nervous then I was when this
happened, but assured everyone I was ok.

After the back lot tour, I wanted to do a photo op with the singing in the
rain umbrella. After figuring out how to operate it, there is a sensor in
the pavement that I guess you need to step on for the water to start, but it
didn't work. So much for the photo op.

We then headed to Muppetvision 3D. There are or were two special effects in
Muppetvision 3d, water and bubbles. The bubbles worked, but no water.
Afterwards we went into the gift shop as I wanted to get a pin or something
with Sam Eagle saying something patriotic for my father, but they don't
carry anything like that.

We had lunch at the ABC Commissary. I had fish and chips, no hamburger for
lunch today.

After lunch, we went to the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular. This is the
third time seeing this, but my parents haven't so I did the show. While we
were in the wheelchair row, someone else sat down next to us, and since they
didn't have a reason to be in this row, they were asked to leave. We saw
the complete show as I understand that sometimes they leave out the last
scene with the airplane.

After the show, we went all the way to Rock N roller area for ice cream
since that is the only place in this park that has sugar free ice cream for
my father. I started to catch up on my snack credits by having a mickey bar
and diet coke. I still felt the coke was a waste of a snack credit, but it
was close to the end of my trip and still had plenty of snack credits to go.

We then went on Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Since I have always video
taped this, I decided just to use a still photo camera instead.

We find the wheel chair area for the
3 pm parade and wait for it to start.
This is the first time I am seeing this parade. While waiting, I am mapping
out in my mind the rest of the day's activities. I figure Beauty and the
Beat, then we will have to take the boat launch to Epcot for our dinner at
Coral reef.

After the parade, we head over to the Beauty and the Beast show. Same as I
remember, but the last time I saw this, they ended the show with white
pigeons being released, but not anymore.

After the show, we leave the park and head to Epcot via ferry to
International Gateway entrance.

We made good time there, and got there before our adr called for, but
checked in early and were seated ok. We sat the second tier up from the
tank. While we were there, lots of people were taking photos of the tank,
even when there were some divers in the tank. But everyone was using their
flash, which you cant do when photo graphing something behind glass, cause
the glass will reflect the flash.

I had shrimp for the appetizer, NY Strip steak (see the pattern here yet?
J ) and the chocolate cake thing which is their specialty.

After dinner, we went on Honey I shrunk the audience.

Headed back to Pop before Illuminations starts. Actually I notice we are on
the bus right at 9. I have the soundtrack from last year on my cell phone
and very quietly start playing it over the speaker from my cell phone, but
either no one hears it or they just think it is being piped through the bus.