Day 7, Sept 16, 2006

I woke up this morning and packed, which meant just throwing everything into my
luggage and drop off the luggage at pop century luggage center.

I checked out, which goes fast. Everything was paid for and didn't accumulate
any other expenses. My father returns the ECV and hangs out at the hotel while
my mother and I head to
Magic Kingdom. While on the bus, I realize my parents
didn't officially check out, but a phone call later, this is taken care of.

We went to Tomorrowland to locate a Skippy doll from the old Alien Encounter
ride for a friend, but I couldn't find any.

We then walked over to Adventureland and go on Tiki Room. Even though the
attraction says it opens at 10, it seems to have just opened now at 11. This is
the first time I watched the pre-show since they changed it years ago.

This was about the only thing we had time for, as my mother need to be back at
the hotel for Magic Express pickup and myself for Sunray to drive me to the
train station.

I bought myself a couple of souvenirs at Pop Century gift shop, pressed coin
book, viewmaster with 50 th anniversary reels and a 50 th anniversary truck for
my train layout.

We used the last quick service credit for lunch and my parents bought some
things to use up their snack credits.

While waiting for the train, I met a nice couple who would be opposite from my
room on the train. They will be traveling all the way on the train with me to
Penn Station in
New York, then connect to another train going to Rhode Island.
Interesting fact about their travel, their checked luggage will arrive a day
later after they get home.

While talking to the gentlemen, turns out he is a Mets fan. He is a large
gentleman who originally thought he had a larger room then he did have. He
asked the porter if there was a larger one available, but wasn't.

When the porter asked if there was anything he could do for her, she said yes,
get her away from this 'skankie fan'. You see I was wearing my Yankee cap to
the train. Turns out the porter is also a RSN member and starts telling her how
he saw this ball cap being sold, it looks like a Yankee ball cap, but instead of
the interlocking NY, it had interlocking HY, H as in hate. Boy, was I in
trouble ;( It was only later I could only wonder what that household was like
in 1986.

The trip back north was long and boring and we pulled into NY Penn Station about
an hour late.

So a subway ride later, I am home.