Its amazing what sports make total strangers hate or like each
other ;)

I am not writing to stir up passions on the list, but simply report
what happened on just day one of my trip :)

So today I was wearing my NY Yankee baseball cap to the parks. Here
is some of what happened ;)

A CM checking in my parents half kidded that he wont help us cause of
my cap.
Another CM at the pop high fived me, since he was a fan, made a joke
about how he told someone who lived a little north of me, to check in
elsewhere :)

guards at Disney-mgm welcomed my parents and I since they were ex new
yorkers too.

Another CM asked if my t-shirt ( I (heart) NY) also meant I love the
New York Yankees? :)

the bus driver to disney mgm gave us a little joking hard time, he
was a
atlanta fan, hey, we beat them only once anyway ;)

I am sure there is more to follow ;)