I exit the train and start walking towards the back of the train to the
stations parking lot. Even before I see the sign, Roger and I recognize
each other, the sign reading, Sunray Welcomes Bruce Sherman. In a couple of
minutes I am on my way to Pop Century.

At this point, I am sure Marie and Judy's ears must have been burning as
just mentioning the mutual people we know. No traffic and great weather.

Just like in
New York, I spot a couple of people with a cell phone attached
to their ear as they are driving, you can tell as they are weaving slightly

In about 20 minutes,
10:50, I am saying bye to Roger till Saturday, as he
drops me off at the Pop Century.

There is a little bit of a wait to check in, but when it's my next, I go
through the usual check in procedure; no I don't want to use my card access
for charging too. I give them my address and home phone number, they code
my key and I am on my way to my home for the week. Got what I requested,
70's ground floor. If you know where the Mickey phone is, head behind it
towards the lake and I am about 1/2 way down that wing nearest the lake.

I go to the room, and place the card in the card reader and the light
happily goes green :) I enter my home for the week.
11:20, an hour from
arriving at Orlando Train Station.

I open my luggage and search for my toiletry items as the first order of
business is a shave and a shower, as I don't recommend putting a sharp
object to your throat on a moving train. A shower to refresh myself from a
night of little sleep.

I pack up my smaller back pack to carry camera items for the park, plus my
rain poncho, and head to the busses, as I hear a rib at Flame Tree BBQ
calling my name :)