I placed my valuables in the room's safe and head toward the bus stop for
Animal Kingdom.
12:13 at the bus stop, I am the only one there.

I waited a couple of minutes and the bus is coming. Remember me saying I
was the only one at the bus stop? Well, a kid with a British accent goes to
stand in front of me. What am I going to do? Make a scene because I should
be first on the bus instead of second? :) I just make sure the child's
parents don't get in front of me :)

A week before leaving for Disney World, I went shopping at the World of
Disney Store here in NYC and found this cute t-shirt. It says I (heart
shape) NY, but the heart shape is in the shape of a hidden mickey, I like it

I make it to DAK and go through the bag check process and enter the park. I
get a map, cause I still don't know my way around and search for lunch,
Flame Tree. I figure to go around here, make a turn there, and I should be

I am about to ask for help when I spot the place over my shoulder, I start
to relax, till I notice the long lines :( Its about
1 pm now and this is
prime lunch time. I also remember that Tusker House is closed so the places
where to eat is smaller, so thus the crowds here is larger. While waiting,
I see they now give you a corn muffin instead of corn on the cob like they
did last year. The line is sooooo slow :(

After waiting for I don't know how long, I finally order my food. I thought
I was able to tell her exactly everything I wanted to make the process go
fast, but forget to tell her what I wanted in my large soda, oh well. When
I got my food, I also noticed that instead of a piece of chocolate cake,
they now give you a slightly large cup cake. With all the large crowd, I
hope I can find a place to sit and eat and finally relax for the first time
in about 2 days or more.

I see most people just order a soda, and don't know you can get a large soda
on the dinning plan,but I do :)

I get lucky and find a empty table as soon as I go behind the restaurant.
There are allot of ducks walking around picking up bits of food that people
drop on the floor. Someone asks me if they can borrow a chair from my
table, motion go ahead.

1:45pm and just aimlessly walking around, no plans on what to do, except
not to ride Dinosaur. A couple of years ago, I rode it the day I arrived
and become physcially ill after riding it. Its not because I cant, but
sleeping little the night before, it would be just too much for me, and I
don't want to become sick. I did ride it last year with no ill effects.

Find myself going on Its Tough to be a Bug. As I am walking fast to go on
the ride, I will redo the ride queue to take photos.

I remember the stinging in the back, so I lean forward to avoid it, but
forget how they do something to the seat :)

I reenter the queue and explain to the cm, that I am just going to take
photos, then leave. Its ok :) I take photos of all the wooden animals to
come across a real spider web, so I take a photo of that too.

After taking my photos, I decided to head back to Pop to rest a little
before heading to Fantasmic dinner at
Hollywood and Vine. I have 6 pm

I find myway back to the bus stop just in time to wave by to my bus, its
2:45 pm.

Make it back to the room and lay down, trying not to fall fast asleep. I
get ready to head to Dis-MGM and make it to the bus stop at
4:45 pm. Just
miss another bus :( I remember that I keep forgetting to pack my brita water
bottle :( I plan on getting my refilleable mug when I get back to the
resort tonight.

A guard seeing my NY Yankee cap informs me of a
Boston lost :) I walked
around since I am very early for my
6 pm adr. I take photos and such till I
check in 15 minutes early. Get seated and start my feast :)

this is what i remember eating :) plenty of rolls, ceaser salad, chicken
dish, some rice, paramesan mashed pototoes, corn mash dish, pork loin w
onions, prime rib, ice cream, different little desserts. I have over an hour
to kill before fantasmic, kind of just walking over to gmr, under the bah
:) I am informed that only the gangster version is running.

I sat in about the third row on Great Movie Ride. This bothered me allot,
The cm in charge of the tram was talking to a couple of people in the front
row only and pointed out some things, in the room where you get loaded on
the trams, with a flashlight. She did not use her PA system and tell
everyone else what she told these people. She did this again in the first
gangster room, I really felt like yelling at her, can you speak up so
everyone else can hear you? :) , but didn't.

When I left GMR, I headed over to Oscars to enter the special seating
section for Fantasmic. Meanwhile Terrie and I are emailing each other,
trying to set up a meeting between myself and her daughter who is working
the show, but it doesn't work out.

I know people complain about the special seating area for people who have
the Fantasmic plan, but I don't see why?? This is the third time sitting
there, and I see everything.

Fantasmic is over and I am trying to maneuver my way to the park exit.

I make it back to the Pop and meet for the first time my friend Tammy who I
have been chatting online with for years :)

She tells me about this offer she has in her room, about rebooking a trip
for next year and getting the free dinning again. I don't remember seeing
this offer in my room but will look again when I get back and take a better

Head back to the room. And very exhausted. First day is over.