8 am, I am on the bus going to Epcot


For the fun of it, I timed myself to see how long it will take me to go from the main entrance from  to the Land’s entrance .  It took me 4 minutes, 20 second. I did that walking J

I get a fast pass for Soarin, then got on the regular line to ride it.

After riding Soarin, I go to get some Breakfast at Sunshine Food court.  Yesterday, when eating breakfast, I thought I tasted something funny about the Orange Juice.  It turns out they only have low pulp OJ for sale, no no pulp like I get at home. :(


I have 9:27 return for soarin. I cant decide whether to eat slowly and go back on Soarin or do listen to land first.


I do living with the land, or is it Listen to the land J  Can’t remember which is the old or new titles. I head back to Soarin to use my Fast Pass.

The second time on Soarin. A kid asked his mom how come the film shows
California? I told them this is copy of the ride at Disney’s California Adventure.  I head to the Living Seas next.

After riding the clam ride to enter the pavilion, I head over to the souvenir stand to look for a Finding Nemo t-shirt that says “Hi, My name is Bruce” the shark, but they are out of my size :( :(

I do Journey into Imagination next, then leave Future World for World
Showcase., Mexico.


I am the first person to ride Gran Fiesta tour today.  The ride stops for several minutes near the end of the ride.  I am typing in the dark at this point.


When I get near the exit of the ride, I see what may have been the delay,  they have a boat that a wheelchair can be rolled onto, so they needed to switch this boat into the ride water track to accommodate someone on a wheel chair,. I head to the American Adventure next.

I am a little early for the 12 pm show. I feel like having a Mickey Ice cream bar, but there are no carts open.  So I just sit and wait in the AC.


I didn’t want to eat at Liberty Inn, but I was hungry so after the show, I got some lunch here.  New for this year was the ending montage showing some scenes from 9/11,  6 years ago today.

I walk by
Japan and discover its counter service is open, thought was closed, oh well. I go to see the new Canada film, then back  to pop, or just back to pop, or maybe go to Beaches and  Cream for a milkshake, but I am still full from just having ate lunch, so no milkshake.. right now, that is J


Walking by The American Adventure, I found the spot to videotape illuminations tonight for my friend Sam. If I look at the lagoon with The American Adventure to my back, I have Spaceship Earth in the background, which is what she wanted to see.


It is very hot out, which zapped all my energy, so I decide to head out of the park for my mid day break, but I stop by Mousegears first to take some photos of Dreamfinder’s dream catcher thing hanging in mousegears. I am sure most people have no idea of what this thing is.


I am back at my resort, Pop Century.  My dinner adr for tonight is at Spoodles, which is on the Boardwalk.  Since you cant go from resort to resort, I figure I would go to Disney-MGM Studios, then take a boat to the Boardwalk for my 5:20 pm ADR


After resting in my room, I am out the door heading for the Studios bus station to head for dinner at Spoodles.


After arriving at the Studios, I head to the ferry dock only to see the ferry leaving, and no arriving boat in site, so I decide to walk it to Spoodles.  After I started to walk I do see another boat now heading to the Studios dock, but its too late for me to walk back. Besides, I always wanted to walk this. J

I time myself, from the path entrance to
Atlantic Dance hall, it takes me 11 minutes 30 seconds to walk it.  But I did stop to take some photos of things along the way. 


I arrive at Spoodles and I am seated right away. I am surprised for they sit me in a corner booth by myself . For my appetizer I order the Garlic Shrimp, which I had last year here, and steak kabobs for my entrée.  When I get my appetizer, I am a little surprised, I remember last year I was served 2 very large shrimps on a plate, but this year I am served 8 small pieces in a shallow dish in sauce, but was still very good, waiting on my main entrée now.  I get two kabobs with a very spicy sauce, I will probably be tasting it all night :)

For dessert I ordered white chocolate orange cake.  It was good and different, not something I would normally get. It had raspberry
sauce.  Wow, bill was $52.50, lucky I am on the dining plan

On the way back to Epcot, I stop by Beaches and Cream for a Vanilla Malted, tastes good. Its been ages since I had a real malted, I just love how the malted powder makes its taste. 


I am back in Epcot, walking around World Showcase, thinking maybe do Maelstrom

I instead watch the new O’Canada 360 movie instead.  My first impression is I liked the old song better, but the movie was ok.


I head over to Maelstrom, but it was closed temp due to tech problems.  I see lightening in the distance, but I decide to sit and wait for Illuminations already, an hour and forty minutes to go before show time.  A family sees me sitting already and comment, this must be a real good seat since I am waiting so long for it.  I am  sitting to the Mexico side of The America Adventure, I see a storm coming in the north of me going from my left to the right.


Its raining lightly when Illuminations starts.  Remember the reason of sitting here? To videotape Illuminations with Spaceship Earth in the background.  Well that plan goes to the wayside because as soon as Illuminations starts, they turn off the lights illuminating Spaceship Earth.


After watching Illuminations, I am walking along the World Showcase in total dark typing on my cell phone, hoping I am hitting the right keys.


When I exit Epcot, and turn the corner it see a very long line, thinking its for the bus to Pop Century, but its for offsite resort buses.  I have about a ½ hr wait to board the bus


I get back to Pop and decide to get something at the food court a Twinkie Tiramisu. And drink some Decafe coffee with it.  Then I drink some soda.  I like to take photos of Spaceship Earth. I took about dozen photos of SE at night, and will wait to see if I captured anything worth while when I get home. 


I retire to my room for the night.