trip report day 4



8:20am I am at the Pop Century bus stop waiting for the bus going to the
Magic Kingdom.

8:50 I am walking down Main Street. I make the turn to walk by Tomorrowland
Noodle Terrace, heading towards Buzz Lightyear. I am waiting by the famous
rope drop for that mad sprint to ride
Space Mountain. I wonder if I am the
only person not waiting to ride this or not. The CM's manning the rope drop
start asking people questions like who here is waiting to ride Space
Mountain, I am one of the few people not to raise their hand. They pick a
family here to do something, but when I am writing this, I forgot why and
didn’t make a email saying anything about this. Here is an interesting
story; an elderly gentleman has been at every Tomorrowland rope drop on
Wednesdays for the last 14 years. All the CM's greet him like a close
personal friend, like I am sure he is to everyone.

9:09 I am the first person to Buzz Lightyear, ride,score 116800. The
elderly gentleman is behind me, so I guess he isn’t one of those
people. I wonder what he used to ride first before Buzz Lightyear
was here. I head out of Tomorrowland to go to Fantasyland.

When I pass by Pooh's Playground, I stop and shake my fist and give the
Heston ending speech from Planet of the Apes, except I clean it up since I
am on Disney Property. Darn them, darn them all to heck For those who
are wondering what I have against Winnie the Pooh, nothing, it's about what
used to be there.

9:17, riding pooh ride now

9:30 did snow white, which was a walk on, in Mickey's Philharmagic now.

9:59 peter pan, walk on. now the evil song ride :)

10:36 just got off of pirates, drop was milder then I remember :)

10:48 go to Jungle Cruise, no fast pass, wait is posted 20 minutes, so I
skip it presently and go get a Mickey bar, I go relax in Tiki Room.

11:08 I go on Jungle Cruise now, wait is allot shorter now. Mostly the same
jokes. When he asks about what kind of snake it is, begins with a 'P', I
yell out plastic. He answers Python. When we get to the temple, he talks
about the Britney Indians, I can almost hear what is coming next, makes a
joke about watching out for Britney Spears,as in throwing arrows.. get it?

When I leave Jungle Cruise's sunken plaza, the line is all the way back up
the ramp walkway. I overhear one guest complaining to the CM about the lack
of Fast pass machines today. She explains that they estimated they didn’t
need them today.

11:44 Eating lunch at Cosmic Rays. I look for the line that sells the ribs.
Finally in the chicken section I spot the rib meal on the menu. They also
have a chicken and rib meal, but I decide on just getting the ribs. I
wonder if one can get the chicken and ribs as part of the ddp counter
service meal. The ribs come with mashed potatoes, carrots. I listen to
Sammy Eclipse while eating.

12:30 After I finished eating, I did buzz again, 44600. Going on Carousel of
Progress, sitting right up front.

1:30 While riding COP I had a screaming kicking baby sitting behind me, in
second act, the mother finally took the baby out, the only problem was the
cm then spent next 5 minutes reminding everyone to remain sitting throughout
the show, killing the rides soundtrack, ruining the whole show for me. We
even started to turn in mid show in one scene. After the show ended, and we
are supposed to exit, myself and another couple just sat there. I was
waiting for a CM to say something, but knowing there is no line for this, I
am sure they wouldn’t, and they didn’t.

I leave the
Magic Kingdom to go back to the Pop, via a boat trip to the
Wilderness Lodge. From there, I will take whatever bus is there to a theme
park, and then back to the Pop.

2:05 I took the boat from MK to WL, passed by River Country on the right and
Discovery Island on the left, saw there was a abandoned wooden boat by DI
overgrown with foliage, wonder if it was real boat or just a prop, I make it
to WL doing some exploring here, gift shop and walk towards Pioneer Hall.

2:13 I jumped on first bus leaving the lodge which is going to the studios.
Once there I will then take another bus to pop.

5:21 I took my usual afternoon nap, My adr for 'Ohana is fo 6:20 adr. My
game plan is taking a bus to
Magic Kingdom, then resort monorail loop from
to MK to the Polynesian. I am thinking of going to Downtown Disney after I
eat to look around. I like to see what things they have for sale there
before buying them in the theme parks. They play music now in the buses now
that is appropriate to the theme of the hotel They just played Banana Splits
theme song, going nah nah nah now to myself :)

A couple is totally dressed up on the bus with us, They stick out like a
sore thumb :) They must be going to Victoria and Alberts at the Grand
Floridian :) While on the bus, it is starting to rain very hard outside. I
feel very bad for the dressed up couple.

I started to talk to the couple, they are going to the California Grill, I
told them if it is not raining it would be quicker to walk to the
then maybe waiting for the monorail to go one stop. We get to
the monorail station only to see the monorail sitting in the station is
packed. The rain must have cleared out the theme park. So we wait for
another monorail to come along. We see another monorail leaving the Grand
Floridian, so that should be here in a couple of minutes.

6:00 we get into the Contemporay, and we just sitting here. They are
making a announcement that they are switching a monorail onto the resort
loop. I have 20 minutes till my adr. And we sit here. And sit. And sit.
I am starting to get nervous. I call the 407 wdw dine number, thinking that
they can connect me to 'Ohanna and I can explain why I am going to be late.
But after being on hold for about 10 minutes, I calm down and think I should
be able to hold my adr, even if I am a little late. We finally start moving
and I have 5 minutes to go.

I get to the check in window at 'Ohana less then a minute late. Of course
the lady in front of me is telling a big story to the cm behind the counter.
She had a
9pm adr, but was told she could check in hours earlier. The CM
behind the counter says something like she has to smack that person that
told her this as that can't happen, she will be treated like a walk in,
about an hour wait. I got seated in less then a minute after checking in.
This is my third time eating here, second time solo. The only complaint I
have eating alone, they give the same size dish of food for the table,
whether I am one person or 5. I eat all the shrimps they give me, nosh on
the chips with the peanut sauce. A little salad, chicken wings, and a side
order of potato dish. That is just to start. They then walk around with
pieces of turkey, beef, sausage and pork. Dessert is ice cream over banana
bread pudding. I am stuffed

8 pm After I finish eating at 'ohana, everything was good for a change, so i
guess i will eat here again, I hope I am heading to the bus stop here at
poly, I still plan on going to downtown Disney to spend the night.

At 8:13 While on the bus, Terrie emails me and tell me says Watch out for prepared to sit in traffic on the bus, there is a bridge
closed on the way to DTD and everyone is getting detoured...big mess heading
in that direction. If you're not on the bus yet, you might want to rethink
your plan. Reply back, too late.

The busses at the poly stink. A bus pulls in 2/3 full. I guess they have
multiple bus stops. I sat next to obnoxious couple. They were sitting
cockeyed in seats so no third person can sit next to them.

When I get off the bus, I feel like a knife cutting into the joint under the
big toe. I hobble over to someplace to sit down and remove me sneaker. As
I thought, there is a wet stain on my sock where I felt the pain. I don’t
need to remove the sock to know what happened. Not only did I have a
blister, but it popped. I spend the rest of the night walking with pain
from the broken blister. It doesn’t feel as bad as it first happened, but
lets me know it is still there. A couple of nights ago, I banged my foot
against the side of the dresser between the beds, making the side of the
middle toe a little swollen, but it didn’t hurt when I walked on it, but it
s the same foot. My worst fear was to favor my foot, by not walking normally
and injure a muscle, which would be worst. So I try and walk as normal as I

In once upon a toy, I bought the Fantasmic 97 version, I don't know if it is
different from what I have.

Another one of those hidden things I wanted to look for was Pegleg Pete. He
is the audio anamatron parriot that used to greet guests at the Magic
Kingdoms Pirates of the
Caribbean ride till they removed him as part of the
last rehab. I find him, take his photo and do some more walking around the
World of Disney store.

I leave the store and walk around very slowly due to injuries, the rest of
Downtown Disney. I like walking around that store that sells signed famous
celebrities and things. Prices are just so crazy to look at.

I make it down to where I am 1/2 way between Planet Hollywood and Cirqle Del
Soliel tent when I figured I just had enough, so I start walking back to the
bus stop that’s near PH.

After a little wait, the bus for the pop comes and I am back at the Pop, I
go for a swim for a couple of minutes, then settle in for the night, hoping
my injuries will heal.

End of day 4