Finding it harder to get out of bed for the early run to the parks, today it
is late, 9:39 am, and I am just now heading to the bus stop at the Pop, to
get a bus to go to the Magic Kingdom. The bus stop for MK is packed full,
but the bus for Epcot is loading so I decide to take a little journey, take
the bus to Epcot, then the monorail back to the Ticket and Transportation
center, then go to
Magic Kingdom either via monorail or ferry.

Once the bus gets me to Epcot, I walk around to see where the entrance is to
the monorail. I miscalculate this trip as I have to go through the Epcot
bag check to go to the monorail station.

9:50 AM I am at the Ticket and Transportation Center waiting for a ferry
to take me across the lake to the
Magic Kingdom.

10:16 I am by the Haunted Mansion, which opened today after its rehab. The
queue is packed, but the line is moving fast, posted wait time shows 30
minutes. I take a chance that it's not that bad and go and wait on the
queue. I am listening to the people in front of me talk about all the
online communities, but none that I am active on, but know them all.

This may have been bad of me, but when the people in front of me go to take
some photos of the tombstones, I go inside the mansion and they close the
door behind me. And they have to wait a couple of minutes till they recycle
everyone through the stretch room. I did video tape it. I have to look at
my tape to really appreciate the whole thing.

10:47 when I leave the attraction. The queue is still just as bad, but
the line is hardly moving as fast as before, ride stopped twice while I was
inside it. Madame Leota is indeed floating and some other new things I

11:24 I do Hall of Presidents next. I see the line for HM was getting bigger
by the minute, stretching into fantasyland., I just missed start of Country
Bear Jamboree, I will wait for next show, then I have a
12:30 adr at the
Concourse Steakhouse in the Contemporay.

While waiting for the Hall of Presidents show to start, I call up about the
program of rebooking my vacation for next year to include the free dinning
again. There is a special number to call and they check to see if currently
staying on Disney Property. Anyone who is a current guest has to book it by
end of trip or 9/28, whichever happens first, trip dates are
8/28/8 to
9/31/8 or so. I do everything but make the actually reservation, giving
them my credit card to hold it. The price for me went up about 18 dollars
compared to my present trip, they are allowing people to enter HOP now, so I
will call back later to leave a refundable deposit, I couldn't book a second
room for my parents if they are interested, but hopefully they may open up
the program next April like they did this year.

After HOP, I go to Country Bear Jamboree. Then I leave the park and use the
walkway over to the Contemporary instead of the monorail. I check in and I
got seated right away. The Concourse Steak house is not permanently closing,
but moving downstairs. I ordered onion soup for an appetizer and for my main
entrée a 10 oz NY strip steak. For dessert, I have a vanilla bean crème
Brule. While eating I recognize one of the other waitresses as the
waitress that I had last year when I was there with my parents. She says she
remembered me too, bit I really wonder if she is just being nice.

After I leave the restaurant, I wonder around the shops in the concourse
area and onto the terrace overlooking where the north wings used to be and
where they are building who knows what. I hear the rumors, but until it is
definite, I will just leave the rumors to other people to talk about. I am
deciding on what to do next.

2:30 I am back in the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland, heading to TTA, but
they just opened up the stitch preshow, so I do that instead.

2:51 I am riding tta now. I wanted to get a fast pass for laugh floor, but I
got a fastpass for buzz ride instead. They gave me a bonus fp for cop, going
to sit back and enjoy TTA now

3:03 in laugh floor now. There is an outside queue, inside queue, inside
wait area, then you sit down, it was cute, not a repeat, imho. They insulted
me there :) put me on the big screen with a caption "can burb the alphabet"

3:46 Use my fastpass for Buzz Lightyear, score was 44600 this time, Sitting
in Tomorowland, thinking of what else to do. Walking back to Fantasyland.

4:06 I stop by Mrs. Potts and have a chocolate shake for a snack option.
This is more of a McDonalds shake then a real milk shake like I had at
Beaches and Cream the other day.

The posted wait time for HM says 50 minutes now.

I go on Pirates again, wait time is about 10 minutes.

Eating at pecos bill for dinner. Bacon Double cheese burger, fries and
peanut butter chocolate cake for dessert. No more cheese sauce for the
fries. Its
5 pm.

On the way out of the park, I stop by Le Chateau, bought a flashing ear hat
for the year of million wishes celebration and had my name embroidered on
it. I am going to the hotel and soak my aching feet with about 3 blisters on
each. Maybe call up and make plans for next year too, then swim after

I got back to the resort at 6. I slept till about 8. I called up and booked
my trip for next September which is 100% refundable if canceled by July 08.
I called and hopefully left a message for the right Lisa Austin to call me
:) Sent Terrie a email, If we don't meet, never talking to you ever :) The
plan is to meet at Epcot tomorrow.

End of day 5