trip report day 6


9:50 at bus stop heading to Epcot, last full day.

10:15 make it through bag check and entrance line, heading to The Land to
get a
Fast Pass for Soarin and breakfast.

I get a
11:18 fp return for soarin. In the mean time I have another adult
breakfast platter, going to ride clams again at the seas.

I kill some time by walking around Innoventions. Not much to do here.
Something about fire safety and play some video games.

11:30 ride mission space

11:40 soarin

12:15 I head to Japan for a counter service lunch

I have teriyaki chicken, shredded beef, plain rice, strips of something
almost red on the rice, beets maybe? This is one of few places that only
give you medium soda on the dinning plan. I have ginger cake for dessert.
Memo for self, in Soarin, you fly over aircraft carrier 74, what is the
name? Terrie replies back that a yahoo search say it is the USS John C

Food was just ok there, but there are better places to eat at like The
Land. Going to head to Maelstrom maybe.

1:46 Maelstrom was walk on, did Gran Fiesta again, heading to Test Track.

So I go to the single line for TT, sign says 40 minute wait from this
point, but there are no lines, I enter the preshow area by myself, I wait
for the preshow that doesnt start, push slightly on the other set of doors,
they open, still by myself, and I proceed where you board the cars. I am
next in line to board a car, I had a couple minutes of tape to use up, used
night setting, worked great indoors, but totally whitewashed when we went
outside, I forgot to switch it off, oh well.

2:25 had some drinks at Club Cool, going to Imagination now

4:10 after Imagination, walked over to Canada to hang and wait for Terrie.
We met, exchanged hi's, gave her some pressed coins from nyc for her son,
then we went on soarin. I was wearing my NY Yankee cap and Terrie was
wearing her Yankee/Petite t-shirt. While waiting to board the actual ride, a
group of people looked at us and starting belittling us for supporting their
arch enemy. Yes, they were members of the Red Sox Nation who sees the
interlocking NY on a field of blue and see the enemy. I think I need the
'do the math' t-shirt. If you don't know what I am talking about, don't
worry, only New Yorkers and members of RSN know what I am talking about J.

After Soarin, she went home and I went to Universe of Energy. I started to
have doubts if I really wanted to do this as they had us waiting outside in
the baking sun, but I have a
5:30 adr at Canada ant plenty of time to kill
so this is perfect way to eat up 45 minutes.

4:20 after waiting a couple minutes outside, they let us in. A couple of
minutes inside, they closed and evacuated the building due to ride breakdown

Now this is stupid funny. While walking away from u of e building, a family
walks up to be told by us that it is closed; the family is astonished as
they were just told it was open. Further down the same path to u of e, I
decide to let another family know it's closed, they start arguing with me
that is open, I say fine, go look for yourself and walk away :)

I go into Mousegears trying to kill time before my Le Cellier adr time.

I finally give up on ideas on how to kill time and I head to

Stupid funny story #2. When I walk up to the check in counter at Le
Cellier, a woman at the counter sees my Yankee hat, and asks me if I am a
Yankee fan. Thinking about all those encounters with all those nasty Bosox
In my best
Brooklyn attitude I can muster, I reply, 'Yes, is there a
problem? And smiled after I said that. The CM was surprised and quickly
said that she too is a Yankee fan. It turns out, I stumbled in on a
conversation. There was a family from
Westchester who just checked in
before me. The daughter was wearing a pink Yankee hat (which any color
scheme other then what they wear on the field is just wrong anyway). She
remarked to the family that some people don't understand what the hat means
and thought maybe I would be a good example.

Its too early to check in, so I sit on the bench by the restaurant till I
can check in.

I finally check in and I am seated almost immediately,
5:10, for a 5:30
adr. The lady who sits me, talks to me about the bread, and the section I am
sitting in and its significance. I order cheddar cheese soup and 14 oz NY
strip steak.

6:10 had the chocolate whiskey cake for dessert, thinking of leaving the
park, or maybe riding mission space if no line.

6:47 rode MS, no line

8:00 back in the room now watching NY at Boston on ESPN.

End of day 6