September 12, 2008


This is my last full day of my trip and that 6 am wake up call? I just couldnít make it.I did have an ADR for Boma, but just was too tired to do it.Instead I get a bagel, juice, and chocolate milk for breakfast and use 3 snack credits at Pop food court. I will use the extra table service credit for lunch tomorrow before I leave for the train station.I also book my 2009 trip using the bounce back offer this morning.This gets me the free dinning again. I leave my room at 10:30 am to go to Animal Kingdom.


I go to see Its Tough to be a Bug. Being a New Yorker and a fast walker, being stuck behind people who walk too slow makes me crazy, and I am going nuts now.They finally just stop and no one is in front of them.I get a dirty look when I squeeze by them to continue walking to the wait area.After that, its 11:30 and I head to Dinoland.I get a PowerAde at the entrance of Dinoland.


I ride Dinosaur and enjoy it, since I donít get sick like I did a couple of years ago. Itís almost noon and I have a ADR for the new Yak-n-Yeti restaurant in Animal Kingdom for 12:30, so I start walking towards it.


I have lunch at Yak n Yeti. For an appetizer I had pot stickers, my entrťe was baby back ribs (flame tree is better) and cheese wontons with vanilla ice cream for dessert.Dessert is very good, and if I eat here again, it would be just for this. Another strange thing happened here.Since they are not a Disney operated restaurant, they take and hold your key to the world card if you are on the dinning plan when you first sit down. They will also not estimate your tip like in other restaurants unless you ask, but you can charge the tip back to your room.


My plan is to head to the yacht club walk to Epcot and do American Adventure if I can find the exit. J Years ago, I got a little lost trying to find the exit, but not anymore, I am learning my way around this park. I ask to the yahoo group, Travel-WDW where is a good place to nap after watching American Adventure, but no one replies with one.


When I make it to the bus stops, I see the Pop Century bus is there, so I take it as a sign and take it back to my hotel and nap in my room. Its 2 pm


Its 4:40 pm and I am heading to Epcot.I have an ADR for Spoodles for 6:40 pm, so I figure I can squeeze in American Adventure.


Itís a long wait for the Epcot bus, made even longer when the bus driver has to load 4 wheel chair and their parties.Meanwhile a bus pulls up for Disney Hollywood Studios, so I leave the Epcot bus line and take the bus to the studios. There is a light sun shower when I get there. I head to Great Movie Ride and do that. I am in the Gangster scene.


After GMR, I find a snack stand that takes snack credits for a churro, so I get one, sit down and decide to do Muppetvision next. Going more on instinct then actually know where I am walking I find Muppetivison building and enter it just in time to enter the main theater.


I leave Muppetvision at 6:15 pm, my adr is in 25 minutes, I wonder will I make it or not? J


I am prepared to walk to the Boardwalk from the Studios, when I see a boat appearing from under the overpass, so I decide to head back to the boat dock.This turns out to be a big mistake, as we sit at the dock forever.The first stop after the studios is the Swan/Dolphin, then Beach/Yacht Club, then the Boardwalk, then Epcot.The boat skipper tells us for those who donít mind the walk, you can walk faster from the Swan/Dolphin to the Boardwalk then the boat will get you there, since it makes a stop at Beach/Yacht Club, which I do, I make it to Spoodles 4 minutes late.By the time I go to sit down and wait, they are calling me to be seated.


I finished dinner. For my appetizer I had garlic shrimp, shish ka bobs for my entree, and chocolate cake for dessert. This is another one of the places I enjoy the appetizer.I am heading to Epcot via boat instead of walking. Why am I not walking? Letís just say Body Glide which I bought for this trip to help prevent blisters wasnít 100 % effective.


I make it to American Adventure at 8:10, the next show is 8:15.Tonight is emh (extra magic hours) at Epcot, but I doubt I will stay.


After watching American Adventure I walk towards Future world when Illuminations started.I donít mind missing Illuminations as I have seen it plenty of times and the globe is being refurbished, so this isnít the complete show anyway.The show starts just about the time I get to the path that leads from World Showcase to Imagination.I never watched Illuminations from this point and marvel how close you are to the Inferno Barge. But I keep walking..While walking, I call my nephew to make sure the Yankee game is still going to be on ESPN and he tells me they were rained out. Oh Well, still heading out.


When I get back to the Pop, I stop by the concierge to see how my room charges are.No surprises there.Like I stated earlier, when eating at the Kona Cafť, they did charge the meal to my room, but the charge was reversed.


As far as body glide, I am ending this trip like all my others, in pain from blisters. I donít think body glide helped L


End of day 5