September 11, 2008


1) What actor came back in time to save John Conner?

John Conner is a reference from The Terminator films. Who played the cyborg that goes back in time to save John Conner? Arnold Schwarzenegger


2) What actor said ‘Houston, we have a problem’?

This is a famous real quote from the Apollo 13 mission.  In the movie Tom Hanks says the famous line


3) What movie did Dan Akroyd say ‘we are on a mission from god’?

The Blues Brothers


4) Russel Crowe won an oscar in 2000 for this movie 



5) What director brought you a ‘galaxy far far away’?

That is the opening line from Star Wars.  George Lucas directed it.


In Zorro, what was Zorros horse’s name?  Tornado pronounced Tor-nah-do




8:30 am, I am  heading to the Epcot bus stop. Instead of dong breakfast at the Pop Century Food court, I will do it at The Land Food court instead. The line for Magic Kingdom is packed,  Epcot’s is empty.


The bus driver had a problem loading some wheelchairs, so I got to Epcot after rope drop.  I do stop and observe a moment to remember what happened seven years ago at the proper times.


Once I get to Epcot I power walked over to The Land, it took me 4 minutes to walk from Epcot entrance to The Land entrance J I get a Fast pass for Soarin, then went on normal line, There was no wait in the queue and I walk right up to the pre-show area.


After riding Soarin once, I went to Sunshine food court and had breakfast there which consisted of a croissant with egg, cheese and bacon, with low pulp oj and nestle chocolate milk.  Of course I had the usual problem getting my snack certificate, but I didn’t have to get a manager involved.  After explaining myself 3 times she gave it to me.


After breakfast, I used my fast pass to go back on Soarin.  When I entered the queue, they gave me one of those things to give to the CM at the attraction itself, this is to time the wait time from entering the queue till pre-show area, which I did, but he forgot to take my Fast Pass.  I tried to hand the Fast Pass to the CM by the pre-show but she said the gentleman I handed the other pass to was supposed to take it.  I could have used my Fast Pass to ride again, but twice was enough for one trip shortened by hurricane.  I figure this would make a nice souvenir.


Afterward I did Living with the Land and then I went to Journey into your Imagination with Figment.


On my way to Universe of Energy, I have a Mickey bar. I walk in just as the pre-show is starting.  This is a 45 minute long show, but after the show, I am still too early for my adr at Coral Reef, so I hang out at Mousegears for sometime.


I check in a little early and I am done eating by 1 pm.  This turns out to be my most expensive meal to date, tip alone was $10, you do the math J  I will be eating at Le Cellier tonight.  That could be more expensive, but will have to see. I had grilled shrimp and beef skewer for an appetizer, 8 oz New York Strip Steak and Chocolate Wave for dessert. Funny thing about ordering my meal here, when I told them I am on the Deluxe Plan, the waitress wanted to see my card first to see if I was telling the truth or not. After I finish eating I walk around Living Seas for a bit. I see they don’t have the t-shirt my niece got for me a couple of months ago.  It is a shirt with a Finding Nemo theme, it has an image of a shark and says, hi I am Bruce.  I walked around hoping someone would comment, but no one did L


Going to ride Spaceship Earth, then head back to my room for an afternoon nap. 


I nap till 5 pm, and then head back to the Epcot bus stop.  It’s pouring out, and more people are returning from the parks, then going to them.


My ADR is for 6:40 pm, but it’s too early to check in.  While I do check to see if I could, I was told no, they are fully booked and constantly turning people away.  I see I may have enough time to see The American Adventure, so I walk to American Pavilion in 20 minutes.  The show is about to start so I ask the CM that I have an ADR at 6:40 at Le Cellier, can I see the show and make it back in time?  He told me it takes 30 minutes to walk between here and Canada. I tell him, it just took me 20, simply says, it must be nearly empty due to the weather. I chuckle to myself; he doesn’t know how fast I walk.


With not enough time to see the show, I slowly stroll back to Canada stopping in all the shops along the way.


I spend more time in Japan. I find a interesting exhibit of classic tin toys at Kidcot area in Japan, then slowly walk to Canada, and check in a couple of minutes early.  It is just about stopping to rain, but my sneakers are totally soaked through.  Glad I have another pair back at the hotel, but that doesn’t help me now.


For dinner at Le Cellier I had the cheddar cheese soup, New York strip steak, and whisky cake for dessert.  Coral Reef is still the most expensive meal; it beat my dinner at Le Cellier by a couple of dollars. Its 7:45 pm.


I am going to Dowtown Disney now.  To get there I leave Epcot via International Gateway to the Beach Club, and take the bus from there.


One thing I like about Pop Century, you get on the bus, and the next stop is your stop.  I don’t understand why you would spend $200 plus to take a bus, then stops at other resorts before getting to your destination.  If I have to take a bus, it better be empty before picking me up and the next stop is my stop.


The bus picks me up at the Beach Club, stops at the Boardwalk, then Downtown Disney.


Once I get to Dowtown Disney, I walked to Pleasure Island till I was near the tent for Cirque De Soliel, but I was too exhausted to continue.  I walk to the bus stop by Planet Hollywood only to find out it was closed. So I started to walk back to the other side of downtown Disney where my bus dropped me off. Along the way I asked a cm doing traffic where was the closest bus stop, only to be told I was mid way between both bus stops, but I didn’t know where the other one was, but evidently I was very close to it earlier.  When I hit the bus stop a bus pulls right up first bus station and it said pop. J  The bus made one stop by the other side of pleasure island, then pop.


End of day four.