September 13, 2008


Every trip ends, and so does this.This is my last morning, and thatís all I have, a morning, as I will be picked up at noon to be driven back to the train station.


They left a copy of the room charges by the outside of my door. Just another copy of what I had seen already last night.


I pack up my luggage, which means I just throw everything into my luggage and head out the door to guest luggage services to leave my things there while I head to the Magic Kingdom for a 9:05 adr for breakfast. I check out and head to the bus stop, its 8:30 am.


I make it to the Magic Kingdom before rope drop. And wait for rope drop to be allowed to enter under the train station.As I am waiting, I see people walking under the train station and entering the park.At this point I remember that those who have a ADR at Crystal Palace before park opening, can enter the park earlier then other guests.I see how they were entering and I go there myself.I look and say hi to the CM and they say hi back.I am not challenged as to why I am entering the park and walk up Main Street towards Crystal Palace.


I walk up to Crystal Palace before 9 and register.I donít really remember my adr time, but I do remember it was close to 9 am. Like I stated above, it was 9:05 am. I wait about 10 minutes to be seated.


Breakfast was ok, I am not one for character interaction. I have some scrambled eggs, cheese omelet, bacon, sausage, toast, orange juice, and refillable chocolate milk.Since I checked out of my room, I left a cash tip.It was debatable before I left on my trip, if I could still charge things back to my room after I checked out.Some people said yes, but Disney said no, so I didnít even try.


Walking out of the Magic Kingdom, I take photos of all the picture windows with names on it.I see one for Card Walker and wonder if Eisner has one, but I donít find one if he does.


Back at the Pop Century, I wait a little time and I order a cheese steak on a wrap and a soda to use my last meal credit.I didnít bother with fries or a snack credit certificate. I get a water to use for my last snack credit.


I retrieve my luggage and wait till about a little before noon before heading out to look for my ride.Bob recognizes me before I do him.


We make it back to Amtrak Orlando Station in 20 minutes, usual travel time, and I have a 90 minute wait till my train.


I just sit there and wait.The batteries on my laptop doesnít last too long and the rechargeable battery for my camcorder doesnít have enough power to power my laptop, so I just watch TV on the large screen TV in the waiting room.


This is the first time I see the Hertz car rental booth manned and people getting off the southbound train renting cars.


We get a 5 minute warning the train is arriving, and I stand outside watching the train approaching, which I videotape.



The train ride back north is anti-climatic, not worth talking about L