Day 6

September 9,2010


I wake up my usual time, around 7, turn on my cell phone to see what I have scheduled for today.Breakfast at Kouzina at 10, lunch at Coral reef at 1:55, and dinner at Cape May at 7.Humm, guess I am going to Epcot today J


I lay in bed a little too long, and going to be late to Kouzina.


Now I have been going to Disneyworld with this external camcorder battery since 1992, and every year since 2005, never a problemÖ. Till now.


When I reach the bag check, he spots the battery in its case, looks at it, and starts hemming and hawing.. should I allow it or not?I show him both Sony camcorders and its 12 volt adapter that I use to power the cameras.He calls over his supervisor, who looks at it, read what it is and all.Itís a 12 volt 8 amp lead acid battery.. thatís sealed.The supervisor goes, well, ok for today. But today only.Great, I am at the main entrance of Epcot and I have less then a Ĺ hr to make it to Kouzina by the Boardwalk.


I stop by guest services.Maybe they can call ahead to hold my adr.They tell me, donít worry, they will take care of me.I just make it there in time as they were about to erase my adr, 15 minutes late.Like Guest services told me, itís no big deal to be a little late, and sadly, so was breakfast, no big deal L


I walk around the Boardwalk resort.This resort is based on names from my home town, Coney Island.I take some photos, and tweet them, and post it back to the Coney Island website bulletin board.


This photo is of the Brighton Beach Hotel here in Coney Island.

There is this story about this hotel.It became too close to the ocean.So the owners of the hotel, jacked up the building, put rails under it, and used steam locomotives to move the hotel further away from the ocean.


Luna Park was a famous large amusement park that closed just after World War 2.Presently, a housing project called Luna Park sits where amusement rides used to be.





Walking around Boardwalk, I feel like I donít belong here JEveryone wondering how this value resort guest dares to walk around this deluxe. I head back to Epcot.


Now my experience at the bag check this am has me freaked as I try to enter the park by International Gateway.But like the every other time then this morning, no problems.††


I head to Grand Fiesta Tour first.


<start Video here>



<end video here>



Today I am wearing my ĎHello, my name is Bruceí the shark from Finding Nemo.I always try and wear it when I am going to Coral Reef to eat.


Rode Maelstrom



Here is the video


<video starts here>




<video ends here>


Passing Germany, I always stop and watch the trains in the garden layout. While watching the trains, I hear that bit of music from Kim Possible, they are interacting with the church on the layout.



Then I headed to the American Adventure.Along the way, I stop for my first root beer float everJ


Headed to Coral Reef for lunch.For my appetizer, get the usual land/sea combo, shrimp and steak.For my entrťe, I get chicken instead of steak, but get my usual dessert, Chocolate Lava cake.


I left the Living Seas, headed to the Land to get a fast pass for Soarin.

I didnít do much, walked around Mouse Gears waiting for my fast pass return time.


After riding Soarin, I headed back to my resort.


6pm, I am on the bus heading back to Epcot for my adr at Cape May Cafť.Again to get to the epcot resorts, I am going through Epcot. I left my battery back in the resort. I am a little gun shy about challenging security over it.


My adr is for 7, I check in at the podium at 6:45 and find a empty seat within eye shot of the podium waiting for my pager to go off.Since I am a solo, I figure they will sit larger parties before me, but after waiting for 25 minutes, I approach the podium.They lost my adr in the system, apologize and seat me within a minute.


Food was ok. I stopped eating before I was busting. J


I found my spot to watch illuminations for tonight. If you face France, I am to the section to the right. This is supposedly a special events area, but its open to everyone tonight.There are no large trees blocking the sky, and I think I see the inferno barge already in the lake.I am going to broadcast this live, besides videotaping in hi def, so I send out a test tweet so people know where to find it.I sit and wait.


Here is the hi def video of Illuminations.I was also broadcasting this live.So you hear me talking to my cell phone people watching it.

<start of video>




<end of video>


Here is the video from my Ustream broadcast.At one point I received a phone call on my cell phone, taking the live feed down.You hear me talking to the people typing on the website.


<start of video>



<end of video>


After Illuminations, I went back to my resort, took a swim in the Pop Century resort pool about 11:30 at night.It felt good J


Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom, So far havenít made it here yet this trip.