September 12, 2010

The trip home


All vacations end, and so does mine.


I finish packing and leave the room to head to the food court for breakfast.


There was no bounce back offer in my room, just the free dining offer open to everyone.


I tried calling the number of the flyer several times with no luck.


When I dialed the number I am greeted with a automated message that says they are having technical difficulties and your on hold for an half hour or more? Will someone pick up? I donít know.


I give up will try the normal number for booking packages when I get home.


My car ride back to the train station will pick me up at noon.


I head back to my room after breakfast making sure I didnít forget anything.


After making sure I didnít leave anything behind, I leave my room for the last time, head back to the food court.Eat a early lunch and wait.I do have one meal credit left over.Remember the breakfast meal I missed yesterday? Oh well. I do use up my snack credits, I get a couple of bottles of fruit punch for the trip home.


I just sit here in pop food court wait to be picked up.


I get picked up, make it back to the train station in plenty of time.The train is right on time.


The only thing unusual about the train is there is a third engine along for the ride.


When I board my sleeper car, I ask for my room number which is on my ticket, but I was assigned a different room. I donít catch on right away, but they reassigned me a different room so a family can be closer together.They also mentioned this when I checked in at the station, but didnít explain to me why.


Trip is uneventful. I sleep and just eat. I find it easier to sleep on the way home, then on the way to Disney.


The next day I arrive home.


I have been home for a couple of hours already. I slept, ate, and just got around to opening up my luggage.


Of course there is all the post trip work, printing photos, creating DVD and uploading of videos to you tube. Also there is creating these trip reports for my website.


But there is also to report a new beginning, 51 weeks and counting till I arrive back at Pop Century. It sounds closer to count weeks then days :)