September 7, 2011

Day 5

Remember me telling you about how I hurt my right calf muscle?†† Well about 4 am or so, I am stretching my legs in bed when my left calf muscle locks up very painfully.So now I will be limping on my left leg, and I cant favor my right one. L

I left my room at
9 am for a 10 am adr at Cape May Cafe.This is a buffet with characters.I am going there for the food, not the characters.To get there, this is my plan.Take the bus to the studios, then use the path to go to the Beach club.This should also be fun opening up the throttle and zooming along the course.†† I have to say, I am becoming a real expert when I can put the pedal to the metal, and slow down before running someone down.I am concerned about battery life.I donít see myself having to push the scooter if the battery dies.


I eat the usual breakfast buffet type food.The characters come over and just say hi.I have apple juice, refillable this time J


After breakfast at Cape May, I head to Epcot, passing by Stormalong Bay, and its waterslide.




Want to feel poor? See how they use real towels at the Yacht clubís bathrooms J



The fountains by France in World Showcase


I head to the American Adventure at Epcotís World Showcase. I am there early enough to see the first show.So far itís just me with 3 minutes to go before the 11:15 am show.


After American Adventure, I head towards Maelstrom, passing the train set by Germany








then Mexico.



I have about an hour before eating again, lunch at Le Cellier.


I ordered the soup, but forgot to mention the size, so they brought me a bowl, when I really wanted a cup, so I just had a 1/3 of it.


The new type breads

Steak was good, finished that, left a little of the potatoes over,



ate only 1/2 of the whisky cake.



Yes, the part where it says Le Cellier Steakhouse is edible too J

If you looked at the photos, they don't give you the same breads as before.

I did some shopping in Mousegears and having it sent to my room. I got my backpack :)


For this trip, I got a new toy, a video camera inside a real pen.So I decide to try recording some rides using this.I place the pen clipped to my shirt.Two problems, #1, the video tends to point up, and #2 the sound is kind of muffled.

I did test track next, the single rider line which was faster then the fast pass line.


Probably do mission space next.





When I said I wanted to do the green, less intense version , the cm goes awwww :)


After that I walk by the former Wonders of Life building.Sad to still see it closed


I did Ellen energy adventure at universe of energy next. Here are some highlights I took with the video pen. I know.. some of the sound it overwhelming the recording, and some of the time, the camera wasnít pointing in the right direction.But most of the soundtrack should be ok enough to remember the attraction.



Then I went on Spaceship earth, Here is a video I shot with my standard def camcorder of the section of the ride where you chose your post ride video.





And here is the finished product, I downloaded from the website.Isnt nice how my hat comes out here J





then Soarin, recorded with the pen camera.Again, not pointed in a good direction and the sound isnít good L





Here is a video of me leaving the very long Soarin queue




And here I am leaving The Land to head to next door Imagination Pavilion.Here me kindly ask some people to move while heading downhill.Not as impressive as Garbo speaking, but its me J





Now at this point, I think I forgot that the pen camera is still recording because you can see my hi def camcorder recording Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction.




Tired of the poor sound quality? Jhere is the hi def video that you just watched me take, so I guess you can call that video a documentary of Journey into your Imagination with Figment video you will watch below J.





I did Captain EO next. I was in the back row for wheelchairs and such. Don't remember the theater shaking as much last year in a normal seat.

It's raining. Not sure what to next. Dining at Coral Reef at 7


I checked in early, about 6:35 or so. It's the longest wait to be seated, about 10 minutes, no big deal.

They sit me (solo) at one of the large tables for 4 or more. They had tables for two, no big deal.

Now one of the items I get here is the Surf and Turf appetizer, two pieces of steak, two pieces of shrimp, 16 dollars. But its not on the menu any more. I ask the server about it, said they haven't had it for 5 years, I am pretty sure I had it last year, 100% sure I had it multiple times in the last 5 years. Not going to make a issue about it.

They had fried, batter shrimp to dip in 1000 island dressing.$12

The family next to me are trying to take flash photos of the aquarium ,and wondering why it isn't coming out. And the flash is also annoying. So I start to use my camera with the flash to annoy them back :)

This is so far my most expensive meal to date, but have Whispering Canyon and Le Cellier (dinner) to top it.

I find the wheelchair party only area to watch Illuminations.I have about 50 minutes wait for it to start. Its starting to rain very lightly or sprinkle going on, so maybe go with my waterproof camcorder.


The rain holds off, so I use my #1 hidef camcorder. I just love to watch the inferno barge doing its Godzilla impression J





After Illuminations, I head back to the bus station and resort.


Once back at the resort I decide to go for a swim, but it was cold L so after going into the pool, I ran back to my room to take a hot shower, didn't even bother to take off the suit J