September 6, 2011

Day four

I had a 8:25 adr for Crystal palace, but didn't feel like buffet this am, so I slept in. It's almost 10 am, and waiting for mk bus. It's breezy, and I don't like the looks of the clouds.



While on the bus, it starts raining very hard.


I got off the bus, its raining good. I make it to the train station weatherproofed myself. I head to Tomorrowland, I parked the scooter in a dry spot and I take a ride on the Tomorrow Transit Authority.Now remember, its raining pretty decently, so look at all the people walking around in the rain while I pan the camera to areas around Tomorrowland.



I do Buzz Lightyear next.

I use my Kodak waterproof hidef camcorder to record the ride.Its about the size of a cell phone, so I hold the camcorder in the same hand that I use to operate the joystick.



I score 91,900 on Buzz, I remembered the high point value volcano. J


The rain almost stopped which is a good thing because I ripped my rain poncho.


Its 11:36 am, I am at Philharmagic waiting for the next show.



After Philharmagic, I decide to head for Grand Floridian Cafť for my lunch ADR.I am hungry as I skipped breakfast.


I check in Ĺ hr early.Looking over the menu, I am disappointed as they donít offer NY Strip steak during the lunch hours, so I have a Flat Iron steak.



And for dessert


After eating, I took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom, then a bus to Pop Century.After leaving the scooter in the room, I am going to a pre arranged meeting with some friends at Downtown Disney.



I made it to Downtown Disney about 2:45. The meeting time was set for 3 pm, so I slowly explored and made it to the stage area outside of the World of Disney Store.


First let me make it clear, I asked for help from Joyce, she mentioned this location, so I went with that.


I am sorry, I didnít take attendance, and a little tired right now (typing this at night), so instead of leaving out someone, I wont mention anyone's name right now, about 3 fellow list members showed up.


We sat, chatted for a bit and parted company. Some went back to their resort, some went shopping.


I started to shop, pick up some things. I thought my adr for ĎOhana was 6:55 pm. At 5:40, I checked my cell phone, and the alert went off from my adr, it was for 6:30 pm. So I forgot about any further shopping and headed to the bus station for Poly.


Just one comment, the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and Contemporary are all deluxe resorts, top of the food chain, but yet all share buses, crazy, right? :)


The first stop leaving DTD was the Contemporary, then the Polynesian.


Now when I made my ADR, I forgot that I couldnít do this for one, but did this for two. Which is a good thing, since I would have been nervous checking in.


So when he said, party of two, I said, oh no, party of one. One click of the mouse, he made it a party of one, didnít even ask what happened.


So they give me the buzzer, and within 3 minutes, it went off and I proceeded to be seated. They asked me if I ever ate there before, I said yes, then he quizzed me, what does ĎOhana mean? I thought Cousin, said something else, but I was wrong, I think it meant family.


First thing they served was the Honey Lime salad. Now I tried to make this on my own, never can get the same result.

Whether you are a party of one or 4, they give you the same amount of salad, which means, I hardly put a dent in it.


Then they brought me a plate of pork dumplings and chicken wings. Sitting there, I was thinking.... aren't we missing something?


A couple of minutes later they brought out another plate of spaghetti (whatever they call it) and broccoli. I didnít touch the broccoli, had about 4 dumplings, 1 chicken wing, and some of the spaghetti.




They then served me roasted chicken, beef, and lots of bbq shrimp. I wish there was a simple way of peeling the shrimp :) I said to myself, enough.


Dessert is again bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, the same whether you are 4 or just one. I had most of the ice cream and some of the pudding before I walked away from the table.


Since I was scooter less, I took the boat launch over to Magic Kingdom. According to the boat skipper, MK closes at 9, and it was after 8 already, so it didnít pay to go there, so I walked over to the bus station for Pop Century and headed back to my resort, call it a early night.