September 9, 2011

Day 7

Only today and tomorrow left. The trip is almost done.  How sad.

I don't know if it was the hat incident? or too much soda at dinner? or the combo of the two, but I was up most of the night, too keyed up, so when I did finally fall asleep, I decided to sleep in.

10:16 am, waiting for a bus to Magic Kingdom.


I entered the park and went to Adventureland



to get a Orange soft serve ice cream.



Would you believe it’s the first one? J

Then I went on The Jungle Cruise.



At the end of the ride, there was delay in docking the boat, so the skipper starting asking where everyone is from. I just point to the hat. Another couple is from Boston, skipper goes, stay away from that Yankee fan. That I don't mind J


After jungle cruise, it was close enough to lunch time, so I headed to Kona Café.


The Polynesian Ceremonial Building


Pot stickers appetizer, Teriyaki Steak entree



For dessert, I had their signature dessert, The Kona Kone.



Its basically the same thing I had a couple of years ago but is slightly different now. Check the photo.

I head back to Magic Kingdom. The park closes at 7



I do Hall of Presidents.





Then Haunted mansion again, except I skip the graveyard portion of the queue and head straight to the stretching room.




That was the pre-show for the Haunted Mansion.  Here is the rest of the ride.



Next, I did Peter Pan, I entered the same way as the other day, the place where I stood for a couple of minutes but this time, they escorted me onto the ride.




After that I did Winnie the Pooh using the GAC card, bypassing the new interactive queue line.





I head next to Tomorrowland at do Stitch’s Great Escape. Usual stitch show, constant screaming little girl who wants to be anywhere but in stitch attraction with her parents ignoring her screams.  Once inside for the main show, during black out scene, another person uses their light from cell phone to light theater.


Did Buzz next. In the same hand as I use to control the car, I hold my slimline hidef camcorder, after recording my movement through the queue.




Scored 262,300. New personal high J


Then I went to see Tiki room.



Just to record the preshow and just watch the main show, no recording.




We must have angered the gods because as we exited the show, It is absolutely pouring, thunder, and lightening out.  Like everyone else I am waiting for it lighten up before I head to The Wilderness Lodge.  I am amazed at how much standing water there is.  Some brave souls try and walk during the down pour and I see standing water up to their ankles.  Now the scooter I have should be able to handle this rain, but I wait for it to lighten up.


When it finally slowed down to almost stopping, I left the park and headed to the boat dock.  Now I heard about this, but it’s the first time I had to deal with it.  After a decent rainfall event, using boats and scooters, you may have a problem because of water levels may make it hard to exit the boat without lifting the scooter.


Once at The Wilderness Lodge, I had a little problem leaving the boat, but a very nice CM helped me lift the scooter so I can get off the boat.  She made nice comments about me being a Yankee fan.  I mention that even though she is a member of RSN, she was the nice member.  She did acknowledge that some CM’s are a little too much when it comes to these things.


The Wilderness Lodge


I checked into Whispering Canyon Café, and asked for a quite area to eat. You have two options to eat here, a normal platted meal or all you can eat served family style. They start you off with a little of everything, then give you more what you like. While waiting to be seated, I look at a menu, and see they didn’t have the rib eye steak like they did last year, just a NY Strip Steak, the same price as Coral Reef, $32. They sit me in the rear of the restaurant by the kitchen.  For the appetizer, I got the spring rolls, NY Strip steak for my entree, and for dessert the Carmel Apple Pie.  For a drink I get a bottomless milk shake and a glass of water.  The bottomless milk shake is what makes this the more expensive meal on property for me.


Concerning eating at Whispering Canyon Café. Some people like the interaction, I just like a good meal. Some people liked to ask for ketchup. I heard one server yell at the top of his voice, everyone be quiet, this gentleman is on his cell phone.

For kids, (and bigger bad kids), they have pony races.


I entertained thoughts about going to Downtown Disney afterwards, but was close to 8:30 already, so I decided to head back to the room via the Magic Kingdom.


The only problem is, going from the Wilderness resorts to the Magic Kingdom. There are two types of boats, the larger ones can accommodate the scooters, the smaller ones cant, so who comes first? :) When the larger boat comes, I enter the boat as the water line dropped some and I could drive onto the boat.


I sat up front, and I was talking to the Cm helping with directing the boat. First, did you know that the larger ferry boats have the right of way? Also there are 3 water bridges, one by the magic kingdom, 2nd going from the swaphin to the Boardwalk, forget where the third one was, if she told me.


I make it back to the Magic Kingdom and there is a bus for Pop sitting there, board it, and make it back home.... resort room :)


Oh yea, one more thing, when I left Tomorrowland, I stopped and had a cream cheese pretzel. First time having this, it was good. I wanted a Fruit Punch Powerade, so they sent me to Star Traders. I went in there, got it, handed my card saying snack option, but they charged it back to my room. It took them a while to fix it, and didn’t charge me the credit for the drink, which I finished before they fixed the mistake :)