September 8, 2011

Day 6

Wow, day 6 already.I have a breakfast adr at Captains Grille for 9:30, so I will do what I did yesterday, take the bus to the studios and use the path to go to Yacht Club.This is the second time ever going to this resort.I usually just go to its sister resort, the Beach Club.So I am not too sure where to go.I pull up and look at the map on the walkway and find myself to the correct entrance.


I am seated right away and given the option of breakfast buffet or plated meal.I look over the buffet, and decide to go with a plated meal.The buffet is the usual items, nothing special. I Had steak and eggs for breakfast.



I always like how they donít use paper towels in the bathrooms in these resorts, but real cloth towels. I also window shopped around the resort.

Probably going to the studios for toy story and other things. I will have lunch at coral reef.


So for the second time today, I open the throttle on the scooter and zip along the path back the studios.


I go on Toy Story Midway Manis, but this time I stay on the scooter using the GAC pass and the wheelchair entrance, no stairs this time.


A fellow guest on the wheelchair line goes ewww Yankees, I ignore her. CM gaves me a thumbs up, I replied 2.5 games in first place. Other guest went, yea, with all the money you spend, I say 27 world championships, nothing to do with money.


Got 150,200 this time on toy story.

Something new is happening since yesterday, I am getting email updates reminding me about upcoming adrís.


I stopped by the writers shop to use up some snack options.I look over what they have for a couple of minutes and get a chocolate chip muffin and a fruit punch PowerAde drink. The fruit punch flavor is hard to find, as they are pushing the blue one. The gift shop at test track has the fruit punch, but Sunshine Seasons doesn't. Nor do the carts around the park.


I sit in the court yard near Muppetvision and eat and drink, taking in the crowds.

I leave the studios to head to Epcot. I was going to take the boat, cause of concerns about battery on the scooter, but I just missed the boat, so I decided to take the path.

I take the scooter all the way to Epcot wondering how I can tell if the batter is dying or night.When opening the throttle all the way, the needle goes about half way, but letting go, it swings back to full charge.I look around Innovations before going to Coral Reef for lunch.


my appetizer, breaded shrimps in 1000 island dressing


main course, NY strip steak


and dessert

Wave cake


Expensive??Here is the receipt


I do have to mention, so far this has to be the coolest September vacation I ever had to date. I wonder if its because I am using the scooter as opposed to walking.


After eating I went to Imagination pavilion to get the theme park edition of Monopoly.I also see they are selling t-shirts with Dreamfinder on it.




Then I went back to my resort to get some other items I had sent to my room. After setting my alarm, went to sleep for a couple of hours. I am back on the bus to the studios to go to Cape May Cafe for dinner. Third trip today on the same path, but I did charge my scooters battery while resting in my room.The fan from the charger is annoying, but I sleep anyway.


After checking in, there is a real stupid kid inhaling helium to talk funny to his brothers. Where are the parents?


After eating, I head to Epcot to ride Test Track.






Then Mission Space.





Then Spaceship Earth


Now I am wearing my NY Yankee Mickey pin on my Yankee baseball cap.Its just so evident that they erased the intertwined NY Yankee logo just on the pin and hat, that I get so mad, that I am going to complain to Guest Services and start to leave the pavilion before remembering the scooter is still inside.


Watch the video, and decide for yourself if this is my imagination or not



I talk to the gentleman and simply say.. is there a problem wearing this logo, pointing to the intertwined NY Yankee logo on my hat, showing on the post ride video, why is it being erased?He says no one hates the Yankees here (he knows the logo) and goes backstage to ask, why this could happen. I show him the video I took, showing the logo being erased.He says it just happens, no one is purposely doing this.You decide, human hands or computer glitch?



This puts a damper on the evening and head back to the resort.


I have a tye died cheesecake