September 11, 2011

The journey home

I returned the scooter to luggage services, used a dining meal option for breakfast (left the resort with one meal not used), and brought it back to my room.


I called up and did the bounce back offer. I priced Pop again, and POFQ, both with basic dining. I was paying a upgrade fee for the pop reservation, since that only comes with free quick service dining. Pop was $ 1,018., POFQ was $1400 something, so I went with Pop again. They tried to quote it with insurance, but I didnít want it at this time, can always add it later, and if I need to cancel,Travel insurance is not refundable.


I watched the 9/11 ceremonies on TV while eating. Then I dumped my luggage on to one of the beds and started to separate clothes from electronics.


I left my room about 10:30 and headed to check in area so I can keep a eye out for Bob from Sunray.Bob was about 10 minutes early.


Made it to Amtrak station without issue. Said to Bob, see you next year, just about the same week.


I did notice sheriff car in the parking lot, and different police, Amtrak, Orlando, and TSA security walking around the station.When they announced people to line up outside about 1/2 hr early, I thought the train was coming in early, but what happened shocked me.


There was TSA checkpoints, screening passengers before being allowed onto the train. They swabbed my hands, inspected my backpack of electronics, just poked around, didnít have me empty it. I think they swabbed my luggage too, that would have been a nightmare if they needed it opened, just was barely able to close it, But I passed. Another fellow traveler swab test beeped a bad beep, so they called over the supervisors to go over her things more closely, but she boarded the train without issue.


Got a little over 2 hrs before eating on board the train, so I am going to relax, will check in, only if something interesting happens, hopefully a long boring ride