September 3, 2011

The trip south continues


its 1:30 am now. I think I fell asleep for about 2 hrs, we are in Columbia South Carolina.



Imagine boarding and leaving on a train this time of night? It seems we are due here around 1:44 am, so we are still here for a bit.


There is only one state left between me and Florida now... Georgia.I usually sleep through Georgia, and wake up in Florida, having breakfast in Jacksonville.I am going to lay back down and try to sleep.


I wake up a bit before 6:30 am, get dressed, pack up my electronics and head to the dining car. I donít think we made it into Jacksonville yet, so we arenít early.


I have my usual breakfast, cheese omelet



We pulled into Jacksonville just as I finished breakfast, a little before 7.



I am watching a freight train going by out the window now.I counted three diesel locomotives pulling it, so it should be a long one.


It's very interesting how the railroads operate on the tracks. There is another freight train on the same track as before, but going in the opposite direction. Should be smaller freight, only two locomotives this time. We started to move a bit, then stopped. Wondering if we are waiting for the freight to clear a section of tracks.


We are due at Deland at 9:07, then Winterpark at 9:54 and arrive at Orlando 20 minutes later.


We are running late, 9:30 am in Deland.


10:20 am, Winterpark, just another 20 minutes to go.I am all packed. Looking out the window for Church Street Station and the preserved steam train.My large piece is ready to be off loaded.20 minutes to go.


10:40 am Hello Or Lan Do. :)


My sleeper car steward warns the station person about my luggageÖ its very heavy :)


I start to walk back to the rear of the train and where Bob (or someone else) from Sunray should be meeting me to drive me to Pop Century.As I approach the parking lot of the train station, I see the large black SUV, which turns out to be Bob.I help him load my luggage in the back and we are off to Pop Century.


I get to Pop Century without incident, light traffic, I pay Bob, and head inside to check in.


The online check in line was about a 5 minute wait. I check to see if my room request was honored or not.They had me in the 50ís first floor, but I asked for 70ís.50ís is ok, but they switched me to 70ís.Got a room past the mickey phone, first floor.



They had me in the 50's, but that was ok too, but they got me a room in the 70's. Got the scooter. But don't plan on using it today..... maybe. Going to secure my things and head to flame tree.