Trip home

September 11, 2016


We slept late. We used two of remaining qs credits for breakfast which we brought back to the room to eat. We finished packing.I asked for some bags from mousekeeping and they gave us some large garbage bags for dirty clothes. The shirts and pants were still wet from yesterday, so that went into a smaller bag.I weighed my suitcase; it is heavier then going to Florida, but still underweight. My suitcase gained a pound. I guess wet closes plus candy didnít offset the weight of the yoo-hoos I packed.


We dropped off the scooters at Luggage Services, we went back to the room to double and triple check that we didnít leave anything in the room.We dropped off luggage at the resort airline check in.


Before heading to the Magical Express pick up location, we used our last 2 remaining qs credits on two turkey sandwiches, sodas and desert. I finished the drink before getting on the bus. Since I cant bring the soda past security at the airport.


Our bus pickup was 11:45 am for 2:45 pm flight. Our bus was late at our resort.We stopped at Pop Century before leaving Disney property for the airport.



Security wasnít too bad.They checked my bag for any bad chemicals, but passed security without issue.


We sat by Nathans in the Airport and ate our sandwiches.




looks familiar


We are just waiting to board the plane in less then an hour.



The plane had screens for all the passengers to watch.  You just needed a pair of headphones, which I had to listen to a movie on my tablet.  So I plugged it into the screen and watched the first two hours of the new Avengers movie. 


plane pushing back from terminal



another plane in the distance



We landed at JFK just after 5 pm.



My ears are totally clogged this time.Unlike when we took off, seeing Coney Island out the planes window, we are landing over The Rockaways.


My ears are still clogged 4 hours after landing.  Last week, I woke up the following morning and my head was clear.


Another trip in the books.