October 3, 2017


Day 3



Today is Not So Scary Halloween Party night.  Nothing planned for breakfast.  Lunch is Be Our Guest, followed with a early dinner at ‘Ohana.


I wear my not so scary Halloween shirt my friend Tammy got me from 2011.



my room number at All-Star Sports


I decided to have Funnel Cake with a Ice Cream Float for breakfast by Sleepy Hollow refreshments using snack credits.  Again, disappointed… no ice cream floats.  I get a Orange Juice instead.  The Funnel Cake has strawberries and whipped cream on it.  The powdered sugar makes a mess on the table.  I try to clean as much as I can, but still so messy. 



I go on the Haunted Mansion after eating my breakfast.   I see Hall of Presidents is closed…



we elected a new president? ;)


I try to enter Haunted Mansion.  Slight issue, this year they handle handicap people different.  They have me park the scooter outside the entrance and I walk to the attraction entrance.  I do ask to skip the stretching room.  For several years I seem to have a problem standing in the dark, I tend to get vertigo.  Riding the scooter, I sit in the scooter when the lights go out in the stretching room.  No problem about skipping the stretching room.  They hand me something to hand to the next person, who then escorts me to boarding the ride.


Here is the video of my ride.










After the ride I go into the gift shop associated with the Haunted Mansion.  Interesting items, just not sure if or when to buy anything I see.


Being a not so scary night, so far, seeing low crowds.  Considering the Magic Kingdom will close at 7 pm for regular guests, normal guests are staying away from the park.


The only Irma storm damage I see so far is here.  The Pet Cemetery was relocated to a different area.  There is a statue dedicated Mr Toad in the Pet Cemetery. 



There is a rumor that there is this saying beneath his statue… Dear Mr Toad, It’s sad but true, not nearly as marketable, as Winnie the Pooh.  With the help of my good 40 x zoom camera, I can clearly see nothing by the statue.  I state that online and told that when they moved the Pet Cemetery to the current location, what the saying was on, wasn’t moved.  So I guess we will never see photographic evidence if this is rumor or truth.


I head over to Be Our Guest for lunch.  I am really not hungry.  I maybe should have skipped the Funnel Cake.


I try to order the Onion Soup instead of a dessert to go with my beef sandwich.  I have a problem ordering the soup and I accidentally paid cash instead of a dessert switch.  They call out someone to fix it.  The soup is good.  I don’t mind not getting the dessert.  As far as I am concerned, the dishes lie.. the grey stuff isn’t delicious.  Its like they took oreo cookies, blended it together, and placed on a cupcake.  I prefer the Onion Soup.




Before I entered Be Our Guest, it looked like it could rain, so I placed the plastic bag that comes with the scooter over the controls.  When I left the restaurant, the bag is gone.  I get so mad.  I ask a CM near the entrance about what happened, he goes inside and gets me a large garbage bag.  Meanwhile another guests rides on their scooter picks a bag from the floor and places it on her scooters control stick.. or tries to.  I go over and say that is mine and she gives it to me.  And I have a large bag for not so scary candy later.


I go ride Pirates.












I leave the plastic bag again on the controls.  Again, the bag is gone, this time I cant find it.  At someones online suggestion, I go into the pirates gift shop and get a clear plastic bag to use.  Better then nothing.


There is a famous Walt Disney World Joke that goes like this.. A guest walks up to a Disney worker and asks them what time does the 3 pm parade start?  Of course the answer is 3 pm.  Well, the 3 pm parade is now the 2 pm parade.  So I head over to viewing spot by the hub.  Oh yea.. its raining.  I just hope they still have the parade.


Video of Festival of Fantasy Parade.  First up, CM’s having some fun, dancing to the music before the parade gets to this area of the park.









And here is the parade.










Here is the Facebook broadcast













After the parade, I go on what is basically my favorite Magic Kingdom ride.  Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  With one hand I hold a camera and control my spin, while trying to aim and shoot with the other.  Been doing this for years like that.



Here is the video











I then head out of the park to ‘Ohana.  I meet my friend Virginia there.  I park and charge my scooter.  We have decent seats by the window in the rear of the restaurant.  I have little of the starters and wait for the shrimp.  I have a little of the steak and chicken, but mainly have the BBQ Shrimp.  After eating, I count 23 shrimp shells in my plate.




One thing I wanted for years, but for some reason or another, I never got.  In Trader Sams in the Polynesian Resort (or whatever it is called now), they sell a drink that comes with a Nautilus themed mug.  I am a must have for anything 20,000 League themed merchandise, but wasn’t ready for the price.  The drink alone costs $21.  if you want the mug (and the drink) $57.  I asked, how much for just the mug.  They don’t sell just the mug.  I wasn’t ready to pay close to $60 for it. So I left without it. 


We then enter the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party.  Looking at the time, we head to the castle to see the Hocus Pocus Castle show.  Maybe a bit too close but I am surprised that I enjoy the show.  I have seen it in the past, but never this close.


Hocus Pocus Castle Show video







After the castle show, we went to my usual spot for the parade, across from the Hall of Presidents.  All the way to the left, so I can see the parade as they turn the corner.


First is the trot of the Headless Horseman.










Here is the Facebook broadcast











Then the Boo to you Parade.










Here is the Facebook broadcast















After the parade, we did some candy trails, I learnt from years ago, doing the candy trails with my friend Dede, you can repeat the same candy trail over and over again.  So I repeat the candy trails enough time that I get the ‘welcome back’ from the CM’s handing out candy.  I decide to have a little fun with the CM’s.  I say I have a twin brother.. been looking for him all night.. you saw someone who looks like me here already??  They laugh.  The next time I enter the line, they go.. your twin brother was looking for you.  Even Virginia is having a ball over this.


We are between Frontierland and Liberty Square when Hallowishes started.  then Haunted Mansion.  Then more candy trails. In Liberty Square Fantasyland, finally Tomorrowland.  Remember that large garbage bag I had? Got a decent amount of candy in it.  After each candy trail, I dumped the contents of the small trick or treat bag into the large garbage bag.


Not getting the mug bothered me the whole night.  I decided when I at the Poly again and Trader Sams is open, going for it.  Sometimes you just need to say WTF, when you want something.. you want something.


When doing the candy trails in tomorrowland, we rode TTA.

Here is the video












We left the park.  Had enough for one day.


One good thing about staying at All Star Sports over Pop of Art of Animation.  Late at night, the soda machines are closed.  Here at Sports, the machines are accessible just about around the clock.  So even after midnight, have soda.  I just make sure its caffeine free if I want to get to sleep this morning.  Again I broadcasted live the Boo to You parade on Facebook.  Again Facebook bans the video to watch it again, so again I record it off my laptop before going to bed.  Its about 1:30 am when I try to go to bed.