October 7-8, 2017

Day 7-8

Packing day/trip home


All trips must come to a end, so does this one.


I drop off the scooter, get a breakfast using my last dining credit.  And start the task of packing.


I find a broken piece of plastic, but I have no idea of where it come from.  (Later I found it belonged to the plastic water proof case to one of my cameras, the hinge that helps keep it closed)


my home for a week


one last drink from my mug


I check out.. or just leave my room at 10:48 am.  Head to the check in area to wait for my ride back to the train station.


My driver picks me up and I am on my way.


I get to the train station, just feeling sad.  Beginning of the end of my adventure.



I check in at the counter.  My train will be on time.  I see a luggage scale, cant resist to see the weight.


My backpack, which consists of my laptop and all my cameras.  Next up.. my luggage.


Glad I am not flying.. over the 50 pound limit…. J


I sit and try to entertain myself till my train arrives, which is does, right on time.


Again I am riding in a roomette, with a welcome sign in my roomette



There is a built in delay before pulling out of the station.  I head to the dining car for some lunch.


Get my usual cheese burger.  And cheese cake for dessert.


Head back to my room till dinner.  Had my usual steak and stuff.  Head back to the room.  Watch some movies, and try to sleep.  Easier to do on the way home, then heading to Disney.


I wake up and have breakfast as we are heading into Washington Union Station.  I rather have breakfast by Jacksonville, meaning, more fun to be to heading to Disney then heading home from Disney.


After Virginia, we just drop off passengers, so the last leg of my journey is fast.  We make it into NY Penn just before noon.  Here is a record of my train journey.



I leave NY Penn station and walk to 6th Ave.  I think my luggage is a little heavy, and the luggage is very hard to roll, either using 2 or 4 wheels.  One thing I didn’t contemplate, trains not running as they usually do.  I usually take the F train back to my station where I live.


I wind up on a train that takes me to Stillwell Ave in Coney Island.  I figure to walk home from there.


My mother decides to meet me, but slight miscommunication as to which train station,  She is waiting for my by West 8th Street, down the block from Stillwell Ave on Surf Ave.  Meanwhile my luggage wheels are giving me problems.  Definitely the last time I am using this luggage.


I meet my mother and she helps me.  I make it up to Sheepshead Bay Road by West 8th street. And give up trying to wheel my luggage.  I have my car keys and walk the remaining two blocks to get my car and drive it home.


I head back to where I left my mother. And cant find her.  She moved a half a block.  I find her, pack my luggage in my car and drive home.


I am home… and fall asleep for a couple of hours before I need to get ready for work tomorrow.